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   Chapter 696 Extra Story 07 Of Sean And Cloris

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"What, what are you talking about?" Cloris asked nervously, biting her lips and avoiding eye contact as she brought her hands up, fiddling with her fingers and pretending to have a sudden interest in her own fingernails.

"You tell me." Out of the blue Sean pushed her to the wall and leaned in closer with his body propped up against both arms to her side.

When Cloris slowly looked up, her eyes were trapped into his intense gaze, hypnotized.

Blushing slightly under his penetrating gaze, Cloris tried to ignore the way his dark eyes bore into hers.

Her body squirmed just a little as her muscles relaxed. There was something about that gaze of his she would never find in another man, as if in that moment their souls had made a bridge. Just then it occurred to her that Sean was not only her brother but also a man who had feelings for her.

"I don't know. I don't know what are you talking about." Suddenly, Cloris pushed Sean aside with her elbow and ran away without looking back

While Sean stood there for a few minutes, unmoving, he was terribly awkward and pallidly uncertain, looking on the conflagration love had wrought. The light in his eyes extinguished like a candle in the wind.

Cloris knew it.

She knew his secret.

Sean's face conveyed an arresting spectrum of ambivalent emotions. He just wanted her to understand and know how he felt for her. He didn't mean to drive her away from him.

He wondered what she was thinking about him, even though he wasn't entirely sure if he really wanted to know what was in her mind after she found out his secret.

'Is she afraid of me? I hope she doesn't come to hate me because of this.

It doesn't matter anyway. I don't expect her to like me.' The thought filled him with an unbearable sorrow.

Cloris decided that she wanted to go abroad for higher education.

As if it weren't obvious enough, Sean knew this was just her excuse to distance herself from him. The feeling of being crestfallen came over him and he could not accept her decision.

Sean could never let Cloris go abroad on her own. It was out of the question!


Cloris's proposal was met with unanimous opposition from the whole family when she failed to give her parents a valid reason on why she was insisting to studying abroad. Drained by the unsurmountable odds stacked against her, Cloris spent the next few days locked in her room, as a display of frustration.

One cold night, Cloris woke up at midnight with an untimely thirst for water.

Just as s

lly had an excellent idea that helped her fall asleep, feeling satisfied.

Sean, however, failed to get any sleep for the rest of the night.

He didn't want Cloris to hate him because of what happened between them, but he could not figure out a way to break the ice between them. 'May be I should tell her that it was just a joke?'

Sean retracted his thoughts, unwilling to lie to her about his real feelings.

Nothing came to Sean's minds even though he spent hours pondering. His only regret was that he had failed to control his impulses that night and he wished he could have concealed his feelings better.

However, he knew that even if he could turn back time, he would fail to control himself again. He fondly recalled what it felt like to hold Cloris close into his arms. How he wished he could kiss the girl of his dreams!

Next morning, Sean, as usual, went to Cloris's room to wake her up for breakfast.

However, he found himself standing outside, unable to bring himself to knock at the door. After a few minutes had passed, he stood there, with a blank look on his face, his eyebrows creasing with concern.

When he finally made up his mind to knock on the door, he heard the voice of a maid.

"What are you doing here, Mr. Sean? Miss Cloris woke up early this morning and she is having breakfast downstairs. You should go down and have breakfast now."

Sean's face went blank, and he answered, "Well, I see."

Feeling apprehensive, he walked downstairs slowly as if he had to drag his legs.

The first thing he saw was Cloris sitting on the dinning table with an angry look on her face, while Mr. and Mrs. Lu was gently trying to comfort her.

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