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   Chapter 695 Extra Story 06 Of Sean And Cloris

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Sean's face darkened as he asked, "So, you thought I would treat you badly, right?"

"No! No! Of course not." Cloris shook her head quickly and continued, "I hope that you can always treat me this well."

His face softened, setting the porridge on the table and said, "Go on, eat it."

"Okay." She could not help wondering what was wrong with Sean today as she ate the steaming porridge. 'Why did he not scorn me for the things that happened yesterday? On the contrary, he is treating me even better than usual today.

What's wrong with him?' she thought in confusion.

Sean set the porridge bowl aside after Cloris finished eating.

Then he finally asked, "So, what was wrong with you last night? Why did you sneak away to go and get yourself drunk? Do you know how dangerous it was last night for you, being drunk in that pub?"

Sean suddenly bombarded her with a series of questions, leaving her no time to answer.

Finally Cloris knew why Sean had not blamed her immediately. He had been waiting for her to finish her meal first.

She knitted her eyebrows and her mouth corners curved downward in remorse as she said, "I'm so sorry, but I do have a reason for what happened last night..."

She told Sean everything and even felt a little shamed at having been cheated on by her first love for someone else.

He kept a straight face and said, "If I were not there, or I came a little bit later, do you know how terrible the end could have been?"

'That obscene man even dared to touch my beloved sister. He deserves to lose his hands!' Sean thought darkly.

At seeing how serious Sean was, Cloris finally realized the gravity of the situation. Lowering her head she said in a low voice, "But I know, my brother will always show up whenever I need him..."

"You..." Sean stuttered for a while as he became aware of something hot clasping around his pounding heart. Swallowing heavily he decided on her punishment, "Write a self-criticism essay for me before the end of today, 3000 words in length at the least. And promise me that by eighteen years old, you... No, by twenty years old, you will not have a boyfriend!"

"Three thousand words?" Cloris's eyes grew large and she begged him, "Could you please cut it down a little bit? Do you really want to have a sister with a disabled hand after this?"

Sean did not budge at all as he warned, "If you keep making excuses, I really don't mind

home are also very good. She is still so young. How could I let her live abroad alone?"

Alfred held some different ideas to Carol as he said, "She has grown up and gotten her own ideas. Sean also went abroad to study before and now he has returned to take care of our family business. Everything worked out for the best. I think it will be the same with Cloris."

Carol gave Alfred an angry stare and could not help disagreeing with him, "Sean is a boy and Cloris is a girl. How could they be the same? Anyway, I don't agree with letting Cloris study abroad alone!"

Alfred wanted to refute again but Sean interrupted suddenly.

"I don't agree, either," he said.

Carol felt so happy to have Sean's support and said, "Sean, go and persuade your sister please. She always followed you during her childhood."

Sean had mixed feelings upon hearing what Carol said.

'Yeah, it's true that Cloris once followed me everywhere during her childhood.

But then why do I feel we are much further from each other now?' he pondered.

"I'll go talk to her," he promised. Sean stood up and went to knock at Cloris's door.

"Come in please," came the soft reply. Entering as he heard the reply, he walked over to her side step by step. With bright light from the door behind him, his shadow covered her completely.

"Why do you want to study abroad all of sudden?" he asked mildly.

Locked in his shadow, Cloris felt utterly depressed and she stepped back involuntarily, saying, " I...I...I got this idea just now."

Sean stared at her for a while and then asked, "You remember that night, right?"

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