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   Chapter 694 Extra Story 05 Of Sean And Cloris

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7913

Updated: 2019-06-30 00:12

The bud of Cloris's first love withered.

She had a good cry, but told no one about what happened. Then after some time, and in order to say farewell to her juvenile affections, Cloris went with a friend to a pub in secret.

This was a place frequented by serious revelers, and the two eye-catching chicks stood out since they were both quite drunk. Many men approached, their intentions less than noble.

"Hi girl, why are you crying so sadly? Broke up with your boyfriend, did you?" A rather sleazy looking man approached. His hand tentatively gravitated towards Cloris's shoulder as he attempted to make his move.

However, before his grimy hand reached its target, another slender hand grabbed his wrist with lightning fast speed and precision. There followed the sound of bone breaking as the offending limb was severely twisted.

"Ah!" the man screeched, and it took quite some time for him to swallow the pain. Finally he shouted furiously, "Who did that? Step forward! Your time to go to hell!"

"You may have a try." said a cold voice, which was laced with such ominous intent, that those closest to the scene shivered.

The sleazy man turned around and a handsome man stepped forward to face him.

"Who are you motherfucker?" The sleazy man swore with mock bravado, but then backed down instantly when he saw the number of armed guards standing behind Sean.

Sean lowered his hand, took a disinfectant wipe from his pocket and wiped his hand carefully. His expression was one of utter disgust at having needed to touch something as unclean as the vitiated hand of the man.

The offensive man finally understood that his action had provoked a more powerful person. He swallowed his pride and instantly begged, "I'm sorry... Please forgive my fault of ignoring your greatness. If you like, these two girls will be your... Ah!"

His words were instantly cut off as a heavy kick landed in his belly. Air whooshed from his mouth and he crumpled over losing any remaining words.

"Take him away!" Sean issued the order, and a cruel fate awaited the offensive man, as Sean redirected his gaze away from the piece of rubbish.

He walked towards the two heavily inebriated girls and ordered, "Take Sandra back to her home."

"Yes, boss." A female guard helped Sandra up, from where she had almost slid off the bar-chair due to her near unconscio

After a long silence, Sean gave up and sighed, "Yes, I promise you." he relaxed a little, and gently touched Cloris's long hair. As she stopped struggling, Sean left a lingering kiss on her forehead.

It was like a forbidden kiss from the devil, recording a secret between him and her.

When Cloris finally woke up, she was in her bed and it was the next morning. Remembering what she had done, she suddenly felt nervous.

She had confessed everything to Sean, even some things that should not have been spoken about. Added to which she had vomited on his clothes! Gosh! She dared not even imagine how angry Sean would be!

Only God knew how long her brother would, as punishment, ignore her this time!

In fact, Cloris was more afraid of Sean than her parents. Or differently put, she both respected and feared Sean.

With those perturbed feelings, she also forgot to be sad about those lovelorn things.

While still thinking, the bedroom door opened from the outside.

Cloris turned her eyes at the doorway. Sean, in leisure wear, came in bearing a tray on which was set a bowl of steaming porridge.

"Are you feeling hungry? If so, the porridge is for you. Are you still feeling uncomfortable or ill?"

Unexpectedly, Sean seemed to be even more tender to her than expected. She had believed that she was in for a serious reprimand. Cloris felt like she was still dreaming, and she could even imagine a holy light glowing behind Sean.

This combined with a serious hang-over resulted in Cloris stuttering, "Sean... Wh-what's wrong with you? Are you okay?"

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