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   Chapter 693 Extra Story 04 Of Sean And Cloris

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9778

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The beauty of her childhood innocence was stimulated and spoiled as Cloris helplessly paved her way through life. It had been plucked before it peaked to its blossom, from the blooming garden she had carefully planted inside her.

Cloris seemed to have been afflicted with a romance curse. Boys who showered her with attention and affection vanished overnight. One minute they were there and the next they were gone, as if they dissolved into the very air itself.

Cloris used to dwell on it. She despaired and distressed over them. But after a while, she just felt empty. She was so used to it that she would've been surprised if they stayed.

Time flew by and soon enough, the Lu clan's little princess flourished into a stunning teenager. She felt eager to take on anything, and she even felt ready for her first love.

It so happened that she had already met him. A senior in her school whom Cloris found handsome, gentle, smart, and overall perfect.

She longed to let him know how much she cared for him. She desired to profess her love for him, but fear and doubt hindered her. She was afraid of his reaction and she was worried he might turn her down. She sought for him everyday and kept stealing glances from afar. But every time he came near her, she blushed profusely and stammered her words.

Sean noticed all this, of course. How could he not? He watched and observed her every move. Over dinner, he persuaded her to talk to him and encouraged her to air out the reason of her unrest.

Sean was her brother and she trusted him more than anyone. Since Cloris had been dying to talk to someone about her feelings, she poured her heart out to him the moment Sean asked.

Cloris could not contain her excitement over this boy and it was very obvious in the way she talked about him. The moment Cloris mentioned that she had a crush, Sean's face clouded over and his eyes narrowed with darkness. Oblivious to the sudden change in Sean's expression, Cloris continued talking about this boy. Her joy and enthusiasm was very visible with the twinkle of her eye.

Sean looked away. He was rigid as he asked with a stern voice, "What do you like about him?"

Cloris looked down. She blushed as she sheepishly replied, "He's nice and gentle. He's also smart. He's very handsome and I feel drawn to him!"

Silence followed as Sean refused to reply further and continued to eat his dinner.

Later that night, Sean called and sent someone to look into and investigate the boy Cloris mentioned.

After a while, he was handed a photo of the boy. Sean sneered at the boyish and handsome boy in the picture.

"That's the boy? Tss! He's not good looking at all!"

He picked up a mirror and looked at his gorgeous reflection.

"Handsome? Smart? Hmp! Disgusting!"

Encouraged by her friends, Cloris eventually summoned up the nerve to approach the boy and express how she felt about him.

Cloris felt anx

take it all back. He stomped on her happiness.

"I'm sorry," said the boy with a smug face. He had no remorse in his eyes. "I only said I like you because I made a bet with other guys. They wagered a thousand dollars for me to hook up with you."

"Thou... A Thousand dollars?" Cloris emotionally mumbled. "That's how much love is worth for you? Just that?"

"No one can live on love," the boy sneered at her. "And look, I don't even like you. Why talking about love, huh? You're pretty. You have a pretty face, but that's all you've got. You're not hot. You don't have a nice body unlike her,"

he jeered at her as he pulled the busty woman close to him.

Cloris staggered backwards with a pale face, too dumbfounded with his words.

"You... You're... You jerk!"

"You are such a little girl. You can't even cuss! Hahahaha." The boy mocked her insensitively, "Look, I'm sorry I deceived you. Look on the bright side, at least you learned your lesson. You're so naive. Remember never to trust a man so easily. So just go home and suck it up!"

The girl in his arms suddenly burst with laughter. The sound rung in Cloris' ears, loudly and harshly.

The noise buzzed around her head and it ticked Cloris off. Her tears stopped and her stare blazed at them. She picked up the roses and slammed them on the boy's face! "Get lost, you jerk! I never want to see you again!"

She turned and ran away as fast as her feet allowed her. The roses scattered on the floor with its petals and thorns.

The boy's face was flecked with scratches. The girl pulled out a pile of tissues and wiped off the blood on his face. She looked back at Cloris' retreating figure with a frown, "Do you think... Is... Is it okay for us to do that to her?"

"Yes, it is," the boy responded. He shrugged as he took the tissue from her. "We've been told to. We have to follow through and do what we've been required to. After all, her brother paid us a lot."

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