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   Chapter 683 An Unsolved Mystery

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7812

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To please Cloris, Sean stayed outside with her in the snow for a long time. Exerting his last strength to come see the fireworks with her, he didn't mind if he came down with a fever.

Cloris smiled and asked, "Look! Are the fireworks like me?"

Their short life only appeared for a moment in the night sky.

Sean emphasized in his sullen voice, "No! Not at all!"

Unexpectedly, she nodded and said, "Yes. You are right. Fireworks are more beautiful than me."

He reached out his hand then and covered her mouth. When his hot palm touched her soft lips, he whispered, "Please! Please don't say that."

Instantly he regretted taking her to see the fireworks.

The fireworks disappeared as soon as they bloomed, which seemed to be an ominous omen.

Sean didn't want Cloris to be like the fireworks.

He wanted her to be like the stars, like the moon or the sun. He wanted her to be with him forever.

After Sean went back home, he became ill. As a doctor, he knew his body better than anyone. And he usually knew what to do to keep healthy, so he rarely got sick.

This time, he was seriously ill though. His face was pale, and he lost all of his strength and kept trembling all the time. No matter how many jerseys he put on, he remained bitterly cold.

Despite this, he insisted on personally giving Cloris her medicine. He didn't mind the efforts it took to get her to take it, or the abuse he suffered in the process.

She was so spoiled that she threw the cup in her hand at Sean as he tried to persuade her to take the pills.

All of a sudden, a loud thud made her heart skip a beat and as she turned she saw that Sean stood unmoving with a bloody wound on his forehead.

"You idiot!"

She hadn't considered that he might not dodge the cup, and she was surprised to see him still in the same spot.

Blood ran into his eyes, blurring his vision. Calmly he wiped it away with his sleeve and offered a stiff smile. "I'm fine."

The words were barely spoken, then he toppled forward like a felled oak.

Cloris just stared at him. It was like he fell in slow motion. She eventually stood up and walked slowly to where he lay. A large bloody pool was forming around him on the floor.

Indecisiveness struck, and she didn't know whether she should help him or not. If she did nothing, he would probably die

adly she cried.

Thinking of this Cloris clutched her heart which was suddenly racing quite irregularly. Anger burned in her chest and she struggled to breath.

Heat flushed around her neck and ears, and suddenly darkness covered her eyes. Gradually Cloris fainted.

As Sean was about to turn around to leave the room, he saw her eyes close and noticed her tipping forward, tumbling down to the floor.

"Cloris!" With Cloris being in danger, Sean's tired muscles were motivated and he leaped forward with incredible speed and power. He caught her in the brief moment before she hit the floor, and cradled her unconscious form.

Then he yelled hoarsely for the doctor's help.

The doctor called the rest of the team of specialists and they began to attend to the unconscious Cloris. After running several quick tests, they all looked grave.

Sean weakly struggled to stay on his feet near Cloris's bed, but when the doctors frowned, he became nervous. Fearing the worst, he asked, "What's wrong with her? Did her condition worsen?"

"No!" one of the doctors answered with a complex expression, "Mr. Sean, the reason why Miss Cloris passed out was that some emotional and hormonal changes in her have worsened her breathing problems. The initial checks indicate that... she's pregnant."

"What?" Sean's eyes widened and his mind went blank.

The doctor repeated, "She's pregnant. The gestation is more than one month along now. It's hard to physically notice at this stage. Plus with her special condition, we didn't check for this before."

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