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   Chapter 682 You Can't Prevent Snow From Melting

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The next morning brought with it a sky that was brilliantly blue, the early morning sunlight, soft and diffuse, kissed Cloris on the face to wake her up.

Sean had already left the room by then, but she could still feel his warmth on the bed. Cloris got up to sit on the chair next to the dressing table, and she gazed at her pale white face in the mirror in a pensive mood.

The face of the woman in the mirror was ugly, flawed and imperfect.

The color of her skin was discolored and weathered, paling in comparison to what it once was. The once delicate features that was once her prized possession, was now hidden beneath layers of pockmarks, warts and scabs.

Embarrassed, Cloris couldn't understand how or why Sean would kiss this horrible face with such tenderness and deep affection.

Was it because of love? No, perhaps it was because he was a freak.

Cloris used to feel it was a brilliant idea that Sean would suffer incredibly if he were to watch her die right before his eyes. But, as it turned out, she was the one in constant pain with no foreseeable hope of respite.

Since Sean was adamant about trying every possible means to prevent her from dying, her suffering wasn't going to stop anytime soon and in the end she was the one who would have to endure the pain of his experiments.

The thought filled her with an almost unbearable sorrow. While she sat there staring at herself in the mirror, absorbed in thoughts, she failed to notice that Sean had been standing behind her quietly looking at her with spellbound eyes.

"When you recover from your illness, I'll give you whatever kind of face you want, okay?"

Sean assumed that she was disheartened by the image on the mirror, almost as if he had read her mind just by looking at her.

But the truth was that Cloris had no longer cared about her ugly face. The only use she could think of for this disfigured monstrosity was to drive Sean away from her leaving him feeling indignant, resentful and repulsed.

However, much to her chagrin, none of her presumptions about him had come true. In fact, even though he was slightly disappointed that their reunion had happened on such dire circumstances, he was still very happy to have her back in his life.

"Who are you kidding? I am never going to recover from this illness," Cloris said with no expression on her face.

Sean replied with a stubborn persistency, "You will."

Cloris sneered and looked away in anger. "I will? Are you sure? If you mean using my sorrow to prolong my life, then, sure. As long as you get what you want, right?"

"I'm sorry." Sean sighed in resignation, lowering his eyes to the floor and said, "I apologize for my inefficiency. I will do my best to develop a medicine that has no side effects..."

Cloris didn't bother responding as she didn't feel the need to. Her focus was solely on the mirror and she clamped her mouth shut.

She wondered what she was going to do with her life now. What was her purpose?

Sean could tell that all kinds of thoughts were whirling around in her head, so rather than intrude on them he kept silent and stood there by her side.

After she thought a while, Cloris called his name out. "Sean."


"Cloris, it is cold out here. If you stay here long enough, I'm afraid that you will catch a fever when you get back."

What she said next something Sean never expect to hear. "Then why don't you play in the snow for me."

Sean could think of nothing better and he jumped to the ground without further hesitation. Soon, he had built two snowmen all by himself, even though his hands were aching from the cold.

"That one is you, and the other one is me."

A rare smile appeared on Sean's face, pure and innocent, much like a new born baby's, bereft of malice or melancholy.

Charmed by his childish innocence, Cloris couldn't help laughing.

Long lost memories of their childhood drifted back into her mind. When she was just a little girl and Sean would take her out to make snowmen together.

Sean was really good at making snowmen and the ones he'd make were big, almost life-like.

While she'd end up making a small ball, that barely resembled a snow-boy.

However, Sean would let her have his snowman in exchange for hers, so she could go around showing it off to her friends.

But then spring would come and melt away the snowman.

Cloris also forgot that once she accidentally found one of her poorly made snowman in the bottom of the freezer.

Apparently, Sean had been keeping them in the freezer to preserve them, treating them like they were his precious treasures. Later when their father, who was completely oblivious of any of this, threw away their freezer, Sean had a fierce argument with him and left home on his own to find the old freezer.

Sadly, even though Sean had miraculously found the freezer, the snowman inside had already turned into water.

This caused a period of 'silent treatment' between Sean and their father for about half a year. Fortunately, with the persuasion of Cloris, things went back to normal.

After a while, when Cloris came back to reality, she shook her head to clear the thoughts that had entranced her and looked at Sean whose hands were frostbitten in the snow.

What happened to them and where did they go wrong to end up where they were right now?

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