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   Chapter 681 It Hurt Everywhere

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9599

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Just like that, Cloris gulped down all the medicine with one big swig. Not until Sean got enough of the sweetness of her did he gently released her, while the taste of the medicine still lingered on.

"Pat!" The very next second, Sean received a tight slap across the face.

Although, the force of the slap was mostly spent on the loud sound it made, the only thing that got hurt was Sean's ago.

Fortunately, his love for Cloris was greater than his own ego.

Even though the slap jolted him at first, but he disregarded it, simply cherishing every moment spent with her. With a big smile lighting up his face, he asked, "Do you feel better now? If not, I am right here and you can give me another smack. I am okay with that, but how is your hand? Does it hurt?"

Cloris eyed him coldly as she scrubbed her lips with her hand. Thanks to his kiss, her lips had swollen up like a rose bud, red and plush, only to be made worse by her rigorous scrubbing. Though her lips are swollen, it was the feel of them that sent Sean's mind into a sensual state of intoxication

"Get out of here," Cloris screamed at him.

Sean turned a deaf ear to her words, and smiled at her, "I am not going anywhere until you take yours pills. Personally, I don't mind sticking around. And you? Do you like it?"

"You dirty jerk!" Cloris snapped at him irritably.

However, it would take a lot more than that to anger Sean. "Yes, I am a jerk, but only for you."

"What about that woman, that Emily something?" said Cloris with a contemptuous sneer.

Sean became serious, and immediately he started his explanation, "She is nobody to me! I thought you were dead... She was just a substitute, who carried your memories... I wanted you to come back... Don't you see, all I want is you."

Now he finally understood that even though he had transplanted Cloris's memories into Emily's mind, the personality that came alive was still mentally handicapped, and she would never be the real Cloris. No one else ever could.

There was a world of difference between the two.

As soon as his voice fell, he started to realize something, and a joyous feeling came to him, "Cloris, are you jealous?"

Could it be true that Cloris didn't hate him that much as she claimed and that she did care about him being with another woman?

"Keep lying to yourself; I don't have a problem with that." Cloris said to him, the sarcasm in her tone was undeniable. In truth, she was always like a hedgehog to Sean. Every time he tried to get close, he'd end up getting hurt.

Fortunately, Sean didn't know how to give up. Although she could come up with a thousand ways to hurt him, he'd still want to get close enough to hold her tightly in his arms.

"Okay, okay, okay. You are right, about everything." Sean gave her a smile fashioned like a white flag of truce on a stick. Having realized that

d no tears in his eyes but his heart cried, watching her suffer like that. He slowly pulled out an injection of pain killer from the drawer.

Injecting her with pain relief medicine wasn't a wise choice for her, but Sean couldn't see her suffer anymore. He hated the feeling of helplessness, and if he could bring her some peace, even just for a moment, then so be it.

The pain killer took effect almost immediately and before long Cloris calmed down. She still looked pale and tiny beads of sweat lined up on her forehead clotting her hair.

While Sean didn't care about it at all. He wiped her sweat and helped her clean her hands and face. After he finished, he leaned forward and laid a kiss softly upon her forehead.

"Go to sleep."

Like magic, his words comforted Cloris and she fell asleep almost immediately. She had dream that night, and in that dream she was holding onto Sean's sleeve, as if she were clutching at straws.

His eyes were bloodshot and weary. He was utterly exhausted, but he still held her close to his chest.

Staring at her face, Sean thought, 'Cloris, my dear Cloris, I guess this is the only moment you would let me hold you without slapping or kicking me.

I know you were pain, but I am so glad that you asked for my help, which never happened before.

You never wanted my help and you never wanted to get close to me...

I thought I would be excited when you turned to me for help, but strangely, I am not as happy as I expected to be.

I was so sad, you know. I hate to see you suffer. I don't know how to be happy when I see you suffering.'

Sean would gladly suffer her hatred over a thousand lifetimes as long as he knew that his precious Cloris would be safe and sound. He hated nothing more that to see her suffer while he could do nothing to ease her pain. If he were given a choice, he would gladly take her place and suffer for her in a heartbeat.

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