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   Chapter 680 I Really Didn't Lie To You

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9449

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Cloris slowly allowed herself a wry smile, and there was no joy in her eyes as she regarded Sean in earnest. Slowly, she asked the question that made her most vulnerable, "Sean, do you think I'm ugly?"

"No, you are not!" he answered her with equally earnest and raw emotions, "You are, and always will be, the most beautiful woman in my eyes."

"Liar," she said simply and without rebuke. Using her hands, she touched her face, which was full of scars. Then she laughed self-mockingly and said, "Even I hate this ugly face, so how could you like it?"

"I like you, and that has nothing to do with your face." He seemed to be afraid that she didn't believe him, so he lowered his head and landed a gentle kiss on her battered brow, before continuing, "It doesn't matter what you look like. I will always like you. How would you like to look? I can fulfill any requirement you might have."

"Well," Cloris said with a sigh, "It seems that you really do like me very much."

"No," he corrected her words and explained, "I do not just like you. I love you."

She laughed ambiguously then and said without mirth, "You won't like what I am about to tell you then, I'm sure."

Staring at her with great tenderness, he asked, "What?"

She spoke slowly and deliberately, "Do you know why I came back to you now?"


"It is because I don't have enough time for any other punishment. I know that you love me, but I hate you. For this reason, I have chosen to die in front of you."

Every word she spoke was like ice shards penetrating his heart with frigid agony. He felt an intense chill grip his very being as her words registered on his conscious mind. Stripped of all the human warmth which he had shared with her, he shivered painfully.

"What did you say? That's impossible, Cloris. Please don't use this as a way to punish me!" he instantly begged.

"Sean, there are many things in this world that can not be, just because you would wish it so. You have always thought that you could control the whole world, but that is not possible."

Looking at Cloris's bitter smile, Sean felt his heart turn to ice with fear. So he immediately called up a team of specialist doctors to examine her and ascertain what ailed her.

With their great skill and advanced medical equipment, they were able to determine in short order what was wrong with Cloris. She suffered the advanced stages of an incurable cancer.

Furthermore, Cloris was already quite weak as she had never taken any medicine to manage the illness. It was now in the last stages, and the doctors estimated that she had less than three months left to live.

After Sean heard the results, he went quite pale and it seemed as if lightning had struck through his heart to burn his very core. The pain and shock was so severe that he felt as if h

owing such kindness to this ugly woman instead? It was absurd to them that he was treating her as his most precious treasure, and to such an extreme extent.

They had only ever seen this devotion when Mr. Lu had treated his younger sister. It had never occurred to them that he might treat another person in this way.

The maids were all so jealous of the scar faced Cloris, that they felt great bitterness in their hearts. Despite wanting to be with Sean, they didn't dare do anything, as they remembered the miserable results suffered by previous maids who had tried.

The gorgeous wealth of the Lu Family was not something they could ever hope to attain.

This ugly woman was then blessed, wasn't she?

If Cloris knew their thoughts, she would definitely have laughed aloud. Blessed? How could she be blessed?

Her whole life was a mess. She never got what she wanted, and instead she kept losing what little she had.

Was this what it was like being blessed? It was so ridiculous!

Sean tried coaxing her for quite a long time, but it turned out to be in vain. In desperation he drank all the medicine, but didn't swallow. Grabbing Cloris's chin he kissed her forcefully, depositing the bitter fluid in her mouth. The taste was so acrid that even the tip of her tongue went numb.

"Hmm..." It had never occurred to Cloris that Sean might do such a shameless thing, and being unprepared, she gulped down the mouthful of medicine. Though she still tried to struggle.

His thin lips were pressed so tightly against hers that there was no space where the decocotion could escape from, and this also forced her to swallow the bitter liquid. After that, he still didn't want to release her.

He couldn't help kissing her even more deeply. Although his mouth was foul with the acerbic aftertaste of the medicine, he still tasted something sweet belonging only to her.

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