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   Chapter 679 The Most Important Presence

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His shoulders hunched and his face fell. Sean stared at the results with disbelief. His face was white as chalk and his mouth was frozen wide open in stunned surprise as the thought that this woman had no relation to him at all bounced around his mind.

Anger boiled deep in his system as he slowly realized that Jacob must have lied to him!

Embers of spite and fury smoldered in his narrowed eyes. His fists clenched and without warning, he tore the report aggressively! Rigid with fury, he stomped and stormed towards the bedroom!

Sean reached the door and bolted in with a purpose. But he was stopped short with what he caught sight of.

The woman was already awake. Sean saw her sitting up on the bed. She looked up the moment she heard him enter. She sat there and stared at Sean, her eyes dominated by a profound sadness. A flurry of emotions engraved on her face.

Sean's vision seemed to have cleared, his face softened by the sight of her. The fire of anger he felt dwindled and the expression on her face seemed to have pierced a needle in his heart. He opened his mouth, but he was not able to form what he wanted to convey, so he opted to close them again. He gave her one last look, turned around, and left with a sullen face.

"I need you to go and collect the samples of my parents."

At his command, his men immediately sprung to action. Later that day, they were back with what Sean needed.

Sean wanted to be thorough with the tests this time around. He wanted to probe deeper. He used the Lu couple's sample and tested them along with his own and the woman's sample.

After which, all Sean could do was to wait. And as time seemed to have taken a sluggish turn, Sean sauntered to and fro. His thoughts were a blur except for the clarity of the woman's eyes. He saw how the woman's every emotion came together through her eyes and revealed the art of her soul.

And how peculiarly curious he was of her and her thoughts. He was unsettled by how extremely attracted he was to her.

It felt as if there was an irrevocable string that bound them together.

Tension filled Sean as he thought of all the possible results of this test. He rationalized, he knew it was improbable, but would it be what he had been anticipating? Sean had gone through so much hardships and despair, he now sat in the pit that had become his life. He had been used to the darkness for so long that the light at the top felt useless and out of reach.

A beep interrupted Sean's thoughts and musings, and the results were now out.

Sean studied the report and made a thorough and careful comparison. His eyes widened and his expression slowly changed.

The results he had in his hand showed that the Lu couple was related to the woman by blood. It also revealed that Sean had no relation to both the Lu couple and the woman.

Had there been an error with the machine? How was this possible? What was the meaning of this?

If he was not a biological child of his parents and the woman was Cloris, their daughter, then t

ace Cloris. He looked her deep in the eyes and said, "I have great news! Cloris, I am not your biological brother. We are not related at all!"

Cloris looked at Sean in disbelief. Her eyes grew big and she moved away from her slightly, "What are you talking about?"

Sean continued on, "I just talked to our parents. They thought it might be the mistake of the hospital. I am not their biological son, but you are our parents' daughter."

Cloris took a deep breath to calm herself down. This news was too much for her to take! She looked at Sean and said, "Are you making fun of me?"

"I'm not!" Sean placed both his hands up and shook his head. He handed her the report of the test. "I just found out about it now. If only we've known about this before, we would not have ended up like this. But I don't think it's too late to start over for us now."

Cloris read the report. She meticulously went over each and every word in it. She reached the last part and it confirmed what Sean told her.

Sean was not her real brother. They had no relation at all!

But what good was it that they found out now? Even if she went back in time and relived her life with this knowledge, she still wouldn't have chosen to be with him!

He was responsible for the death of the man she loved the most!

But Sean had a very different point of view. He claimed Cloris as his own possession from an early age. He always thought that they should have been together, irregardless of whether they were siblings or not.

But now that the truth had been revealed that they were not blood related at all, Sean thought that Cloris had no reason to refuse him again.

"So that makes you feel happy?" she asked as she looked at the beam of smile on his face.

He looked at her affectionately and answered, "Yes, I am happy. I feel really really happy."

Emily and Jacob were now thrown carelessly at the back of his mind. They had no significance to Sean anymore. The only person that mattered now was the woman in front of him.

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