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   Chapter 678 She Hates Sean So Much

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"Cloris was the first person you saw when you woke up." Jacob shook his head to dismiss Sean, "I took Emily away, but I returned Cloris to you, didn't I?"

Sean realized that Jacob was talking about the ugly woman in his bed, but he refused to believe that she was Cloris. "That's impossible! You're lying!"

"What's wrong with you? You don't want to accept the fact that she is Cloris just because of what she looks like now? You don't know what love is! You are just as superficial as the rest of them." Jacob's cold, harsh words were fashioned like a knife stabbing at Sean's heart.

"No!" Sean cried out.

He didn't care whether Cloris was beautiful or ugly. He just couldn't register the shocking news in his brain. It was all too much for him to take and he couldn't come to terms with reality. Crazed by paranoia, he suspected that this was one of Jacob's deceptive plans to steal Emily away from him.

Jacob, however, felt no guilt or remorse in speaking the truth. "Did you hear the voice of that woman? Does her voice remind you of Cloris? And her posture... Perhaps a DNA test will cast your doubts aside."

Sean had the expression of a person who had found a hint of hope at the bottom of an abyss. His heart leapt excitedly, finding no signs of deceit in Jacob's words. Sean stood there thinking, his eyes focused on nothing in particular. He recalled the maid's eyes; her voice; her figure...

And it suddenly hit him. Everything matched Cloris's except her face. The maid's face was disfigured into something grotesque. Her face was pitted with pockmarks, blemished with cuts and a large broken nose.

Although, strange as it may seem, Sean didn't have any particular aversion towards her. If it had been any other maid who tried to seduce him in his bed, he might have killed them.

But for some reason he chose to spare her life at that time.

When she tried to stop him, he pushed her away... 'Yes, I pushed her down. Her forehead was bleeding!'

Suddenly, Sean paused, suffering from sensory overload. 'What if she really was Cloris? Then I was hurting my lover?'

Jacob continued, "Cloris was in a car accident, but somehow she survived, even though she was left with a disfigured face..."

"Enough! Shut your mouth!" Sean snapped at Jacob. Sean couldn't tolerate Jacob's words anymore. The more he heard of it the sadder he got. The truth was so hard to bear that he wished Jacob was lying to him.

But deep down his intuition kept telling him that Jacob was speaking the truth, and that if he didn't go back home right away, he would lose something dear to him all over

aw Sean's angry face, they panicked. "Mr. Sean..."

"Take them all away." At Sean's command, his entourage of black-clad bodyguards dragged all the maids away and locked them up. No one ever saw them again.

Sean rushed to fall on his knees to take the unconscious woman on the ground in his arms. Perhaps it was a deep seated psychological effect, that when he stared at her disfigured face she looked more and more like Cloris to him.

'Was Jacob really telling the truth?' he wondered.

Sean's heart filled up with a sense of hopeful expectation and fearful concern.

With a deadpan face, he picked up the woman from the floor and carried her into the house while the people around him stood there in awe.

The bodyguards who followed him were shocked.

They wanted to know why their master was treating this ugly woman with so much care...

'Could it be that the shock of losing Miss Cloris has left the master with a change of temperament?'

After considering the possibility that this woman was most likely Cloris, her disfigured face no longer repulsed him, but a part of him was still doubtful and he said, "You are ugly."

The woman, barely conscious, heard his voice and her thick, long eyelashes trembled, as though she was trying to open her eyes. However, in the end she did not open her eyes.

Before long, Sean had her wounds treated, but when he saw how the doctors were handling things, he couldn't help asking them to leave and decided to take care of it by himself.

Next on his agenda was to verify who the woman really was.

Sean took a sample of the woman's DNA and compared it with his own, and when the result came out, he drew his mouth back into a sneer, revealing his menacing canine teeth.

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