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   Chapter 677 You Called This Love !

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8596

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Sean couldn't figure it out anyhow, so he stopped thinking about it, and stared at the woman in front of him unsympathetically. "Get out of my way."

While the woman didn't move, she stood there like a statue, as if she didn't understand what he had said.

'Is this woman deaf?' Sean flushed bright red as a spurt of anger flashed through him. He was on the verge of losing his temper, but in the end he stepped aside and decided to let it slide.

Unexpectedly, the woman tugged at his sleeve.

Just like Cloris did when she was young. This infuriated him, even though she might have had different intentions.

In Sean's perspective, there could only be one Cloris. No other person had the right to imitate her. Especially not this filthy woman.

Without a second thought, Sean pushed her aside with full force.

The defenceless woman hit her head on the corner of the desk before she fell to the floor with a loud bang. A deep gash appeared where her head made contact with the desk and blood spurted out immediately creating a gruesome mess on the floor.

As Sean could hardly care about this woman, he strode out the door with a sense of urgency on his face and asked everyone in the castle to look for Emily.

All he left her with was the view of his back as he disappeared into the another room. The injured woman wiped the blood off her forehead with her hands, smearing it over her face. A wry smile tugged at the corners of her mouth, and suddenly, she burst into laughter.

It might seem like an abnormal reaction to anyone, but her laughter lacked joy, instead it was soaked in self-loathing and despondency.

And just as Sean expected, Emily was gone! It wasn't until he had asked someone to further investigate her disappearance that he realized what he had mistakenly overlooked. Straight off the bat, he arranged for a group of people to chase after the ship.

Leaving nothing to chance, Sean sent more than a dozen ships after Emily. Before long, Sean's fleets had surrounded the Vedder's ship and sealed off all exits, allowing them no room to escape.

Meanwhile inside the cabin, Emily woke up from her abysmal nightmare. She sat bolt upright, staring around in wide-eyed confusion.

"Jacob? Jacob!" Panic gripped her and her heart wrenched at this absence. She scrambled around the cabin afraid that everything that had happened before was just an illusion, a froth and fantasy.

Fortunately, Jacob soon walked into the cabin, and held her tightly in his arms, "I got you, I got you! Don't be afraid. I am right here."

The fam

can do it again. I will transplant her memories into your mind! AGAIN! I will bring her back again!"

Wide-eyed and desperate, his eyes bulged out of its sockets giving him the appearing of a raving psychopath!

The sight of him frightened Emily as he took a step back, but Jacob pulled her into his arms and assured her that she had nothing to be afraid of.

Jacob, however, was oddly calm even at the face of Sean's mental breakdown. "You will be wasting your time if you try to do that again. Cloris is not dead."

"What?" Sean was shell-shocked. But soon, the surprise on his face disappeared, once again he was the paranoid psycho. "Jacob, do you really think that I will spare you because of your lie? Wishful thinking! Emily Bai will be mine for sure!"

Jacob suddenly burst into laughter as Sean's idle threats fell on deaf ears. With a sarcastic tone he answered, "You said you loved Cloris, but you didn't even recognize her when she showed up right before your eyes. Do you called that love?"

Sean's heart skipped a beat, "What the hell do you mean?"

"Cloris was still alive and she went back to you. But what did you do? You were chasing after another woman under the pretense of bringing Cloris back! You know what? I don't think you ever wanted Cloris back. All you ever wanted was Emily!"

"No! I don't want Emily! I will never love her! I love Cloris, and she is my one and only true love! So tell me now, where is my Cloris?!"

If Sean had a choice he would pick the real Cloris over anyone else, without any hesitation.

But at this point, he didn't know what to believe anymore. Cloris had been gone for so long, so how could she be alive? Or perhaps, none of this was real?

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