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   Chapter 676 The Real Cloris Returns

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10191

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Jacob's pupils dilated from shock, and he almost thought that he was hearing imaginary voices. "You... What did you say?" he asked with hesitation.

Vedder, who had been absently listening to their conversation, burst out laughing and teased, "Mr. Jacob, are you deaf? Miss Bai said that she is pregnant... Wait... pregnant?!" He also got a shock as the news sank in.

His comical reaction relieved some of Jacob's nervousness. Jacob managed to re-establish some clear thinking and growled at Vedder, "Shut up!"

Vedder immediately closed his mouth and fell silent.

Jacob turned to Emily and stared blankly at her. "Did you mean... Did you mean that I am going to be a father again?" he asked in some confusion.

For obvious reasons, Emily became angry then and said coldly, "Of course it's your child. So, what do you mean? Do you think that I cheated on you?"

"No, I didn't mean that!" he quickly denied her accusation as he saw how upset she was. He finally came to his senses as he stretched out his arms and held Emily again. Then he stammered, "I... I just didn't expect that... I once thought that we would never have a child again..."

Their second child, who had been stillborn, was a source of constant pain in Jacob's heart. Emily had suffered greatly due to this loss too.

He had never expected that they would have a third child together.

He hadn't believed that God would give him such a wonderful gift. Now, not only had he regained his beloved, but they were also blessed with another child.

"I thought you didn't like the thought of having another child with me, that you wouldn't like to be a father again," she said in a choking voice, feeling wronged.

In response Jacob squeezed her hand and explained, "How could that ever be possible? Of course I like it. I like it very much! It's our baby. But what I love the most is still you. It's always you."

Emily was deeply moved and they embraced each other tightly. Their sweet love and happiness brought a brief sense of jealousy to Vedder, but this soon faded as he recalled some of the crazy things Sean and Jacob had done in order to win Emily's love.

The two were like wolves fighting against each other with all of their strength in order to win Emily. If another man were to become involved in their struggle, the two might tear him up in a heartbeat. This thought scared Vedder, and he was grateful for his wisdom in having steered clear of Emily from the start. These two men, in their obsession with her, would surely have sent him straight to hell. Vedder considered then that it was safer to stay single.


With Vedder's help, Emily and Jacob safely boarded a departing ocean liner and drifted away from the land of D Country.

Perhaps it was because of the pregnancy, but Emily began to vomit as soon as she boarded the large ship. Her face turned pale, and Jacob was greatly concerned. He tried every means to help her but these were all in vain.

He even wished that he could suffer in her place.

"I'm alright," she assured h


The woman in his arms trembled visibly as she heard his words.

Sean suddenly remembered that Emily had been pregnant for less than three months. It was not really a suitable time to have sex with her as the fetus was still so vulnerable. But he had been so passionate just now...

Would his violent movements have hurt Emily and her unborn child?

"Cloris, do you feel any discomfort?" he asked, concerned.

Sean turned the woman over. The eagerness and worry on his face froze when he was confronted by a pitted face covered in scars.

'This is not Emily!

What an ugly woman! Who is she? How did she slip into my castle?' he thought angrily.

His face suddenly clouded over with anger and disappointment. He kicked the disfigured woman off the bed. She groaned from the pain of hitting her head on the floor and looked at him in horror. "Sean..." she murmured.

"Oh, shit!" Sean cursed. Her voice was very similar to Emily's, no wonder he would have mistaken the two.

Sean flew into rage like a lion that had been robbed of his favorite prey. "Who sent you to my villa? Where is Cloris? Where's my Cloris! Where did you hide her?" he demanded eagerly.

Hearing his words, the woman slowly and without saying anything else, calmed down. She picked up her clothes and put them on.

Meanwhile, Sean was also getting dressed. Tonight's events were surreal, to say the least, and he felt greatly disturbed. What made no sense to him was that he felt as if he was about to lose something of great importance.

He got out of the bed, finished dressing and strode toward the door.

But the ugly woman stopped him from leaving. She seemed to be vaguely familiar and he could not understand what she wanted with him.

He would have cheerfully strangled this ugly woman, despite that he had just had sex with her. However, for reasons unknown, he knew that he could never hurt this woman. He just didn't have the heart for it.

'What the hell is going on here in my heart?' he thought in confusion.

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