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   Chapter 673 Illusion

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Emily locked herself up in the room and would not let nobody in. The maid was now a hundred percent sure that Emily was angry. Not knowing the full extent of Emilys rage, the maid felt as though she was sitting on pins and needles.

Judging by the way Emily had torn off that leaf and crumpled it in her hands before locking herself up in the room, the maid concluded that she was certainly infuriated by what the other maids had said about her.

However, the truth of the matter was far from the maid's conjecture.

That leaf Emily tore off from the plant was the reason why she left in such a hurry.

Why would a simple leaf matter so much to Emily? To a great degree it was because it had a message that was meant only for the eyes of Emily herself. Little did the maid know that the leaf had the letter "E" scratched on it, and Emily had recognized Jacob's handwriting in just a single glance.

She could never mistake his handwriting for someone else's and the light green color of the leaf was a clear indication that it was fairly fresh. What could that mean? It meant that Jacob was here not too long ago. He was trying to tell her in his own way that he was still alive!

Emily couldn't believe what she had just experienced. The word 'ecstatic' would fall short if she had to use one word to describe her joy. The feeling of happiness was so overwhelming that she felt dizzy and light-headed.

But where was Jacob now? Could he have been hiding there all this time, watching her from a safe distance so that nobody would notice him? Emily felt a desperate longing to see his face one again!

"I can't believe this is happening. This is too good to be true..." Emily unfolded the leaf carefully in her hand, feeling its vein with her fingers. Gradually her sight got blurred by the silent tears that crept into her eyes and escaped down her cheeks.

Emily thanked God for shining a light at the end of the tunnel and giving her hope once again.

"Knock-knock-knock!" Suddenly, her excitement was cut short by the sound of someone knocking at the door.

Emily quickly wiped her tears and hid the leaf inside a thick book before she rushed to open the door.

Standing by the door, Sean noticed Emily's swollen eyes and his casual demeanor transformed into something far more serious. "What happened, Cloris?"

"Nothing. I'm fine." However, Emily's hoarse voice and tear-soaked eyes suggested that she wasn't fine at all.

Just the mere thought of all the demeaning words those maids in the garden had uttered made Sean's nose wrinkle in disgust. Judging by how horrible he felt when he heard that from the other maid, he imagined th

harmful to the baby. Just to be safe..."

Sean said nothing more. But he couldn't hide the disappointment in his eyes. He hugged her tightly and gave her a kiss forehead, promising her that he would be back soon.

"Okay." Emily lowered her voice, for added effects.

Finally it was time for Sean to leave. He was happy to see Emily's lovely face before he left for the airport.

Just like it always was.

As if nothing had changed.

Sean dragged his luggage, preparing to board the plane with his secretary when out of the blue, something came to his mind and his facial expression changed drastically.

"We have to go back."

Leaving everybody behind in astonishment, Sean drove back to the castle as fast as he could.

He wasn't sure why, but he felt great discomfort in his heart. His instincts were telling him that he would never see Emily again if he had left this time.

'Something doesn't feel right. I have to go back and check.'

Sean hopped into his car and drove as fast as he could, under the speed limit of course, to get to the castle. He pushed open the door...

Startled by the abrupt nature of Sean's appearance, Emily, who was peeling a fruit with a knife got scared and accidentally cut her finger. Blood gushed out and dripped from the tip of her finger to the floor.

"Cloris!" Sean's eyes reddened and wavered in desperation. He rushed towards her and held her face up.

"I'm fine." Before Emily could draw her hand back, Sean slipped her finger into his mouth and licked her wound with his tongue.

"Stop! You don't have to do that." Emily pulled her hand politely so as to not offend him. Sean didn't take her gesture as rejection, instead he fetched the medical kit and sterilized her wound, wrapping it with bandage.

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