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   Chapter 672 Even If I Died In Your Hands

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8666

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Since Sean had allowed Emily to keep her child, he already regarded himself as the father of the child. His hopes of gaining Emily's favour allowed him to change his attitude towards the fetus.

With Jacob out of the picture, Sean's dreams of being with Emily came back to life again. The thought of depriving Jacob peace in death, by raising his child with Emily pleased his dark heart.

Once again things were starting to look up for Sean.

He also thought of bringing Beryl here so that the four of them could be reunited as a family once again. As for Jacob, he was fated to become a distant memory.

Sean was certain that he was far capable of taking better care of them anyway.

Emily also noticed that Sean had grown closer to her during this period, showing more concern for the baby in her belly.

Occasionally, Sean would have her sit on the sofa while he would squat down to the floor, leaning in to her belly with his ears so he could listen to the sound inside.

Emily, however, despite her repugnance, didn't refuse his requests, because she was afraid of unleashing the monster that hid inside his heart. She carefully thought every single action she took.

"Dear brother, you are a doctor. You of all people should know that it's too early to feel any movement from the baby."

She tried to struggle tentatively, but she was gently gripped by Sean.

"But I just want to hear its sound. It is our baby after all."

Emily was deeply shocked and upset by his claims and she immediately refuted, "Sean, what are you saying? It's obviously Seventh's baby. You, dear brother, are the uncle..."

'Uncle? Not that again!' Sean had already grown frustration of being the elder brother and the uncle. However, he decided not to speak out at this moment, because he was worried this would frighten Emily like it did the last time.

A situation as delicate and fragile as this would require the utmost care and patience.

So instead of responding to what Emily said, he casually changed the subject, cool as a cucumber. "Cloris, after the baby is born, will you do to find that man?"

Emily tightened her lips and said, "I... will not."

"That's good." Sean smiled from ear to ear, his cold eyes showing a hint of warmth, "As long as you keep your promise, I will treat this child as my own and give it a happy life."

Emily gave him a nod to acknowledge her acceptance of his requirement.

Sean continued to search for baby sounds in her belly. He showed a gentle smile from time to time just as a loving father who eagerly looked forward to the coming of thi

s Cloris has so many admirers. She is a strong-willed, independent-minded lady who, like Casanova, has a secret she has yet to reveal."

Annie's words were said in bad taste and downright offensive. The jealousy in her heart was quite visible and apparent. She envied Emily for having such a strong background and for winning the hearts of such outstanding men. Alas, God had been unfair to so many!

When they heard this, the maid standing behind Emily curled her lips in disapproval, as she observed Emily's expression cautiously. "Miss Cloris, don't pay heed to their words. Those maids don't know what they are talking about..."

"Never mind." Much to the maid's surprise, Emily's face bloomed with a joyful smile as if nothing had ever happened.

"Miss Cloris..." The maid still wanted to say something.

But Emily suddenly interrupted her and said, "Let's go. We don't have to care about them."

"What?" The maid didn't expect Emily to be so forgiving. Previously, the maid thought this would have been impossible for Miss Cloris to let them slide. However, her temper had changed drastically and she hardly showed any anger at all.

'No, I'm sure she's angry. Even if just a little.

Otherwise, she wouldn't have torn the leaf from that plant before walking away as if she were trying to restrain her emotions from flaring up.'

The maid felt a bit perturbed, fearing that if Emily got angry, the maids in the garden would be in big trouble.

Of all of things to gossip about, people should not bite the hand that fed them. There was nothing respectable about dragging others down to their level out of petty jealousy.

Moreover, Sean was very good at punishing people who crossed him and his family.

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