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   Chapter 671 She Succeeds

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The only thing Sean could do was to monitor Emily's every movement.

On the first day, Emily behaved normally and even actively asked the maids to server her food because she knew herself pregnant and tried to provide nutrition for the baby in her belly.

The next day, Emily, accompanied by the maids, went out for a walk, did some gardening and ate a lot of fresh fruits.

On the third day, Emily consulted the doctor to learn about the methods of nourishing the fetus...

So far she did nothing that would raise a flag. However, Emily didn't show any intentions of giving up this unborn child, which was the only thorn in Sean's path. Although he had said that he would give her three days to think it over carefully, he never provided her a choice of keeping this baby. Eventually he was going to force her to get an abortion against her will if it came to that. These three days were only a grace period for Emily to say goodbye to her child.

On the fourth day, Sean couldn't resist coming to see Emily.

"Cloris, after a three-day consideration, what's your final decision on this child?" he asked.

Emily was alarmed by the sight of Sean's presence. She took a step backwards, hands over her belly in a defensive stance and answered firmly, "I am not going to change my mind. It's my child. I'm going to have this baby."

Sean didn't respond at once; instead, he glared at her for a long time with dark cold eyes. Although Emily could not see through his mind, just by the way he looked at her sent shivers down her spine.

After a long silence, Sean finally spoke out slowly in a mild tone, but his face clouded over with cruelty, "It's okay. You are still too young to make a sensible decision. As your brother, I will help you make the right decision."

As the words fell from his lips, Emily's eyes widened in terror and her face fell to the floor. "You can't make any decisions for me..." she refuted.

But before she could finish, she felt a sharp momentary pain in her neck followed by an overpowering feeling of lolling into unconsciousness. She vaguely saw Sean's malicious smirk and a syringe in his hand before darkness filled the edges of her vision.

"What are you doing to me... "

Emily shook her head to keep awake, but soon she felt a rush of dizziness and a weakness of the knees causing her legs to give out from under her.

As she started to sink to the floor, Sean threw the syringe aside and stretched his arms out to grab her quickly. Sean carefully picked her up and carried her into the operating room, her whole form shaking and her shoulders slumped with pure dejection.

"Cloris, you made me do this. I don't want to hurt you, but now I have to," Sean murmured.

Emily fought against the drowsiness, kicking out with her feet as they left the ground. With her dying strength she pleaded, "No, Sean. Please don't...I beg of you..."

Her voice was so faint that only Sean could

no matter how hard it was for him, he still looked relaxed and calm. "Yes, I will allow you to keep it," he said.

"Thank you, Sean!" Emily embraced Sean excitedly and her tears burst out as if she was deeply moved by Sean's kindness.

But only Emily knew that they were not grateful tears. Not really anyway.

In truth, as soon as she woke up she knew that the child was still alive because she didn't feel any pain in her body. If she was given an operation, there must have been some kind of sequelae.

She had been pretending to be unaware this whole time, playing the role of a broken-hearted mother who had just lost her unborn child.

Her purpose was to lead Sean into promising that he would not hurt her unborn child in the future, and to gain his trust so that he would let down all the precautions against her.

The reason why Sean had lied to her was that he wanted to test her to see how much she loved this child. If she had accepted the death of this child easily, he surely would have followed through with the abortion by force.

So far it had been a gruelling psychological fight between Sean and Emily.

Suffice it to say, Emily emerged victorious this time.

Thanks to her tenacity, the child would be out of harm's way for the time being.

Sean took Emily into his arm, convincing himself in his mind that he would treat Emily's child as his own child. He used to regard Beryl as his own child, for Emily's sake. He could also learn to accept this unborn child as his own.

'I will gain Emily's love and we can have our own children in the future. So it's okay to make a compromise, ' Sean thought to himself.

The bitterness that inhabited his eyes slowly dissipated. He gently patted Emily on the back as a display of affection.

Although, their bodies were close to each other, their hearts were separated by a vast chasm. They both had their individual agendas and would stop at nothing to see them through.

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