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   Chapter 670 He's The Big Winner

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10015

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Sean lifted his arms and smelled himself to check if there was a peculiar smell on his body which caused Emily to vomit.

But he found nothing. He breathed a deep sigh of relief when he concluded that he couldn't be the reason behind Emily feeling nauseated.

Sean couldn't bear to stay away from Emily or stop himself from touching her. He could hardly stop thinking about her let alone keep his grubby paws to himself.

Another speculation led Sean to believe that perhaps it was the real Emily's repulsion towards him that caused her to throw up. Although that personality was no longer there, she might have left some fragments of her memories in her subconscious which influenced Cloris's personality causing her to feel disgusted by his presence.

But he wouldn't let such influences stand in his way of earning Cloris's voluntary love and acceptance. In fact, he would stop at nothing to get what he wanted.

At first, Emily assumed that Sean would alienate himself from her because of how strongly she had expressed her revulsion towards him, but fate blew her hopes away. Much to her chagrin, Sean grew even closer to her, disregarding her repugnance.

Having been living in confusion for a while, Emily finally straightened her thoughts out. She came to understand that Sean's obsession with her was deeply seated in his psyche. How could he give up on something he had been obsessing over for years?

Seeing her violently regurgitate last night's dinner in pain made Sean's heart ache. But he clenched his fists to strengthen his resolve. "Cloris, everything will be fine once you get used to me touching you."

Meanwhile, at this moment, Emily wanted nothing more than to see his head on a spike. What a shameless wretch!

Sean spent the next few days trying to get her to feel comfortable around him.

However, contrary to his expectations, none of his experiments had helped cure Emily of her repulsion. If anything, he had made everything worse than they were before.

Sean's face clouded over in disappointment. Having run out of patience and viable options, he asked a doctor to give Emily a general examination.

After carefully checking Emily from head to toe, with an anxious and doubtful expression on his face, the doctor hesitated to answer Sean's questions. After deep consideration, he decided to speak out the truth, "Mr. Lu..."

A glint of apprehension flashed through Sean's eyes, as he nervously urged, "Speak up! What do you want to say?"

The doctor answered with a grave look on his face, "Miss Lu is pregnant. That's why she has been vomiting so frequently... "

Emily's eyes widened in shock, and in disbelief she subconsciously reached out to touch her flat belly gently.

'I'm pregnant. Really? I can't believe I have a small embryo growing inside me!

It's Jacob's baby!' Emily couldn't hide her excitement.

Sean's face dropped to the floor almost immediately, his eyes alight with a murderous gleam, which seemed to be a warning

She began to tremble, feeling weak at the knees as tears streamed down her cheeks without a conscious thought.

'Yes, I'm Emily. I am Jacob's wife.

If I were Cloris, I would have fallen for your lies. But I'm not Cloris. I am Emily, the real Emily and Jacob's wife.'

"Think it over for yourself. I'll give you three days to decide," he said coldly.

With that Sean turned around and walked out of there, leaving Emily and the doctors behind him.

Emily breathed heavily, dropping her eyelids to cover the hatred in her eyes.

She would never let anyone hurt her and Jacob's child!

Not even Sean!

In the following three days, Sean kept himself away from Emily's sight. He feared that his presence might agitate her and cause her to act in an impetuous manner, but most importantly, he was afraid that he would lose control and hurt her.

The mere thought of that man having seeded an embryo in her womb drove him crazy, and he feared that he wouldn't be able to stop himself from killing that unborn child if he came to see Emily.

In any case, Sean couldn't let that child to be born into this world.

Emily had fallen in love with Jacob before. And now they were going to be eternally connected by means of a child, meaning that man would become a part of her forever. Although Jacob was dead, Sean still felt envious of him.

That man received so much love from Emily, but she had nothing but hatred for him. His only hope of keeping her at his side was to use unethical methods, and if that was what it would take, he would happily follow through without hesitation. That was how strong his obsession was.

It was clear to Sean that when it came to Emily, he did not care whether his methods were moral or not. The only thing he was concerned about was having Emily at his side. Nothing else mattered. Moreover, half of his work was already done. Jacob was no longer in the picture. It was just him and Emily.

What could a dead man do to him? Absolutely nothing.

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