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   Chapter 669 I Seem To Be Allergic To You

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"I'm fine. Don't worry about me, dear brother." Emily put her hands over her chest, allowing a fake simper to play on her face to hide the hatred she bore for him in her heart.

All she could do now was to make Sean believe that it was Cloris's personality standing in front of him.

Although, if she had told Sean the truth that he had accidentally killed Cloris's personality by with his own hands, he would have a massive heart attack. But Emily wanted more than that. She didn't only want the man to be in pain, she wanted him dead!

Having noticed the pain Emily was in, Sean grew distressed and he asked, "Why do you look to be in pain all of a sudden? Is there something wrong with your chest?"

"I'm really fine..." Before she could finish, Emily felt a surge of blood rise up to her throat and she could taste a tinny metallic taste in her tongue. She turned her head around in an instant and coughed up a mouthful of blood into her hands.

"Cloris!" Sean's face turned pale, eyes wide open.

After he had her checked up again, he found that her physical condition was far from stable. Her heart rate had skyrocketed and her blood pressure was off the charts, so he quickly asked his people to take emergency measures.

"There's no need to worry. Really! I am fine. I just had a dream..." Emily's voice sounded a little weak, but she managed to continue word by word, "I dreamt about her..."

Gradually, panic came over Sean's face and his eyes opened wide with anticipation. He cleared this throat and forced a smile as he met her eyes. "Who did you dream about?"

Just as she had expected, Emily caught a hint of anxiety that he had carelessly revealed when she gazed into his eyes. "I'm talking about the other personality in my body. I saw her..."

The pupils of Sean contracted sharply and he said, "What did she say to you?"

"I don't really remember much. Everything felt very vague. I couldn't understand what she was saying..." Emily buried her face in her hands as though she were trying hard to remember.

Sean hurried to stop her and said, "If you can't remember then just let it go. It was probably just a weird dream. I have already run some tests, hopefully if all goes well you won't have to worry about her anymore."

"Really?" However, Emily didn't match Sean's expectation, as she didn't seem too happy to hear that and a look of sadness came over her face. "But I also dreamed... that I killed Seventh."

"That's ridiculous!" Sean added, "He has already gone back to his country and reunited with his family. You'd better don't think about these things too

it immediately.

Emily couldn't find any reasonable excuse so she made up one. "Sean, I think I may be allergic to you. Every time you get close to me, I feel disgusted..."

How could Sean fall for such an excuse? He assumed that Emily was just trying to refuse him, so he smiled bitterly but there were no signs of joy in his eyes, "Cloris, are you kidding me? "It's possible that you might be allergic to anyone else, but not me."

While speaking, Sean stepped closer to her as he spoke.

When Emily saw him move closer, she changed the look on her face rapidly and turned her head to throw up.

As she hadn't eaten anything all day, her vomit consisted mainly of acidic saliva. As a consequence the insides of her throat felt like it was burning.

Sean couldn't figure out why she was so sick but seeing her like that drove a dagger through his heart, the pain from which was too strong for him to bear. He desperately wanted to hold her and comfort her, but Emily clutched her stomach and doubled over, as silent sobs wracked her frail body.

Emily was so convincing; it was almost as if she was really allergic to him

"Okay, Okay. I won't come any closer." Instead, Sean took a few steps back and called in someone else to look after her.

After a while, a doctor came in for a routine check-up, while the maid cleaned the floor.

However, the doctor found that there was nothing wrong with her. He said it was just an irritative reaction and was ready to give her an injection of antiemetic, but Sean dismissed him, saying there was no need for that.

As sharp-witted as he was, Sean eventually noticed that the further away he was from Emily the better she felt.

Was there really something wrong with him?

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