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   Chapter 667 Sean’s Achilles Heel

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8688

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Emily had lost a lot of blood and had to be given a transfusion. But after the timely treatment, she was finally out of danger.

Three days later, she gradually came to herself.

This news took Sean's breath away, and he was overjoyed at the fact that he hadn't lost his Cloris. But the joy was short lived. He became angry as he started to realize what Emily had done, "Do you have any idea of what you have done? Cloris, you've disappointed me!"

A notion flashed into Emily's mind when she heard his words. She immediately put on the mask of utter hopelessness, as if she were completely pathetic, "Sorry, I had no choice... But please trust me. I promise, I won't do that again."

A look of pure disbelief crossed his face as, apparently, he didn't trust her. "You'd better stick to your promise. If you don't stop doing these stupid things, I shall have to tie you up for sure."

Emily permitted herself a small mirthless smile. With both relief and bitterness, she replied, "I won't. I won't do that again. I know I share this body with another personality. It was true that I wanted to end my life, but maybe she wants to live. I don't want to be selfish."

"What are you talking about?" Sean suddenly had a case of the jitters, "Why are you concerned about her? You are the main personality, and you don't have to pay attention to the other woman at all. I will help you to kick her out."

"Is that even possible? Will she then die?" Emily asked in a frail voice, manipulating him carefully.

"She never even lived. How can she die, when she never lived? It is just an unhealthy personality. It will be gone sooner or later," he assured her.

Emily didn't respond to him, but with her head bowed, she thought, 'What a crazy man!

Cloris had died so long ago. But he just won't accept it! He had merely created another Cloris who only exists in my mind. Does he really think that her personality will ever become a real human? Is she even an individual? Is she even real? Just like he said, she had never even lived. She would disappear eventually...'

Emily grinned sardonically in her heart. Her camouflage had worked, and Sean now believed that the person he was talking to was Cloris and Cloris was the main personality in this body. But she wasn't his sister Cloris. From her head to her toes, she was the real Emily. While she realized that pretending to be Cloris was a better option for her, she also knew Sean would let down his guard for his beloved sister.

Cloris, the name had become Sean's Achilles heel.


In the following days, Emily won Sean's trust

trigger, he suddenly remembered something and stopped.

Jacob knew it wasn't because Sean suddenly wanted to go soft on them. On the contrary, he had a bad feeling about this.

Sure enough, the very next second, Sean started to talk.

"I don't think I want to kill you here. I built this castle for my Cloris, and I won't let your dirty blood stain it. Even the basement is too good for you. I guess I could kill you outside this place. And Emily can help me with it... by holding the gun and pulling the trigger with her own hands. Whoohoo! Interesting, huh!" Sean exclaimed, happy that he had finally found a solution.

Emily's face turned pale as his words permeated her right to the bone. She shook her head violently and looked at Sean with beseeching eyes. It appeared that she was begging.

Sean's heart almost melted when he saw her like that. But then he thought again of her threats only days ago. That wretched Emily's personality! At this moment, her begging pleased him!

"I won't spare you, you know. My Cloris won't come back to me, if you two are still alive. No one can ruin our peaceful life again, no one!"

Sean asked his subordinates to drag Jacob outside, and he carried Emily out himself. Very soon, he selected a place with beautiful surroundings in the castle grounds.

The grass was green and tender with some flowers growing in it. But Sean and his men stepped on it mercilessly, exactly like what would happen to Jacob. This thought pleased Sean greatly.

Emily cried, and she struggled. With her hands and feet bounded, and her mouth taped up, she could do nothing though. She could only utter some intermittent moans and cry, while shaking her head at Sean. She was begging him to stop.

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