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   Chapter 666 I Won't Let You Die

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"No! No! You are not a monster! Don't say that." Sean patted Emily mildly on her back and consoled her. He clutched her hands so tightly as if he wanted to transfuse power into her body. "I fell to the ground by accident. It is not your fault. You don't have to worry about this," Sean soothed.

But Emily was too intelligent a girl to be so easily fooled. She saw through his lie instantly and started to weep with her head hanging low. "You can't fool me, Sean. I did it, right? I hurt you. You are always so very careful about everything. How could it be possible that you'd hurt yourself in a clumsy accident?" Emily spoke in a very low tone as if she were whispering, and feeling very guilty. .

Sean, however, was still trying to sell her on his lie, "Even the best horse sometimes stumbles, not to mention a common man like me. I hadn't slept well for quite a few days, so I tripped and fell by accident."

Emily cried harder and her eyes went red with tears. She shook her head and sobbed, "No, that's not true. You're lying. I remember. It was I who hurt you."

Sean was shocked by her words. A sudden flurry of emotion slipped out from his concerned eyes, but he concealed it instantly. "What else do you remember? Tell me, Cloris."

But Emily just shook her head and replied sadly, "Nothing else. I just remember a hazy figure..."

She lifted her hand and continued almost absently in a trembling voice, "I remember it was this hand. This hand hurt you." She stared at the offending limb as if it belonged to someone else. Confusion was painfully evident in her trembling lips.

"Cloris, it's okay. Don't worry!" he instantly assured her. Sean held Emily tightly to his chest and comforted her as gently as he could, "Everything is going to be alright. I will do everything I can to cure you. A bad girl is living in your body, but don't be scared. I will chase her away."

"Sean, I'm afraid! I'm afraid that one day I will no longer be here. That I will no longer be myself." Emily leaned her head into Sean's chest, sobbing bitterly.

"You're just ill right now, but it's not that serious. Besides, I won't let you become someone else." Sean held tightly to her as she continued to weep. "It is not your fault, so don't blame yourself. All you have to do, is to take good care of yourself. That will be the best gift for me." He forced a smile and gently stroked her cheek.

But however hard Sean tried to comfort her, Emily was still lost in a dismal well of deep pain. She could feel that sometimes her body slipped out of her control. It was as if someone else was living in her body and took control of it when she wasn't looking.

She could no longer even tell whether she was the owner of her body.

The more Emily considered it, the more she thought herself a monster. She was a monster who was apt to hurt other people.

Every time she fell asleep, the person living in her body would wake up. And this other woman tried every means possible to hurt her dear brother, Sean.

She knew this to be true from the new scars that appeared daily on him. The evidence was clear, the body snatcher was hell-bent o

romise. Just hang on, please..." he implored with eyes welling up with tears.

The depression of Cloris would only make the soul of Emily stronger and stronger. In the end, the soul of Cloris would be pushed from this body and finally disappear for ever. This was the last thing in the world that Sean wanted to see.

"I don't know how long I can hang on. The only thing I know is that I'm really hurting now. It's like I'm not the owner of my body. I can't control it," she started to weep.

Emily was on the verge of breaking down. She could not accept the fact that she was responsible for hurting other people, let alone that she had hurt her dear brother.

"Don't be silly!" Sean scolded. Sean seldom became angry. But this time, he was more furious than when he had seen Emily walk out of Jacob's room. "You are who you are! No one can take away your body or your soul from you!"

He grabbed her hands forcefully and stared straight at her. But she was already lost in a deep melancholy. She lived in agony everyday, and was just waiting for an opportunity to leave this world, leave the pain forever. So every time she was out of his sight, she would try to commit suicide.

But every time Sean had fortunately noticed her intention before she could do anything, so she hadn't succeeded, yet.

However, the last time he had almost been too late. Emily had slit her wrists, and her blood had filled the bathtub with a dazzlingly red tide.

When it had happened, she had felt an intense and unprecedented tranquility. She had closed her eyes, enjoying the serenity as she floated in the bathtub while her blood mixed with the warm water. Falling asleep she had sunk to the bottom of the bath, not knowing whether her pleasant exhaustion was from fatigue or blood loss.

When Sean kicked open the door, he saw her blood everywhere. It was in the bathtub and on the floor, some had even sprayed against the wall. His eyes had glazed red as he filled with rage at this scene, just like a beast losing its mind.

"No! I won't let you die! Never!" he had exclaimed hysterically.

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