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   Chapter 665 He Was Not Willing

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"Of course." It was difficult for Emily to make up her mind between the two choices, but eventually she said it out loud. "I don't like him."

She was trying to convince not only Sean, but also herself.

Sean lifted his lips with satisfaction. "Okay, good, but you have to tell him yourself. And then you need to ask him to leave and snuff out the candle of hope he carries around in his heart."

Emily closed her eyes and nodded in an assuring manner, "Okay, brother. I will."

The basement was more of a bunker, all concrete, bereft of natural light and no personality. Near the ceiling were long low windows, no wider than the slits in a castle turret but lying on their sides. Without any circulation of air the stagnant aroma made it feel like a dungeon.

Before taking Emily inside, Sean asked his men to install some lights and aerate the basement.

At first glance, Emily noticed Jacob sitting at the corner. From the looks of it, he didn't seem to have any injuries which relieved her initial worries.

"Seventh, how... how are you?"

The moment Jacob saw her, the light of hope in his eyes lit up. He spoke to her in a hoarse voice, "I am fine. I'm glad you are here."

Seemingly exhausted and wearied, his eyes were bloodshot, as though he had not slept for days.

Perhaps Sean had taken Emily's feelings into consideration which was why he left Jacob unhurt. However, every moment Jacob spent down there was painful to her.

Having spent a lot of time down here on his own, Jacob had the chance to think about many things.

How would Sean treat Emily?

Why would Emily become Cloris? He still remembered that night. The night she had her memory back.

Having noticed their intimacy, Sean was dissatisfied again. He said to Emily impatiently, "Hurry up. Don't forget what you are here for."

All of a sudden, Emily came to herself. Shame and unease appeared on her face as she remembered her real purpose. She tried to avoid Jacob's soulful gaze knowing that what she was about to say would break him.

"Seventh, now that you have regained your memory, I think it's time for you to go home..."

But before she could finish her words, Jacob cut her short, "You are trying to kick me out, aren't you?"

"No..." Emily looked away, burdened by the guilt of what she had said. She bit her lips and slowly said, "Your family must miss you very much. I hope you can get back to them as soon as possible."

"But you are my family."

"I... I am not your family."


epeating this process, Emily's body finally broke down, indicating possible future complications. Worried that he might cause her permanent damage if he carried on like that, Sean decided to keep her restrained on the bed until he could figure out what to do next.

Disappointed, he walked out of her room and lit up a cigarette at the doorway. The joy of anticipating Cloris's arrival was replaced with perturbation and anxiety.

Lately, Emily's personality had been taking control over her body more often than Cloris's. This was starting to cause uncertainties to Sean's plan.

He was afraid that eventually Emily's personality would dominate control over the body and dismiss Cloris's personality completely.

Sean could never allow that to happen. Not while he was still breathing.

He spent years after years studying and plotting Cloris's return. How could she disappear like that?

All the while, Sean was careful not to cause Emily any harm.

After all, she was the domain personality of the body that Cloris was living in.

What could he do to awake Cloris again?

While he was lost in deep contemplation, he suddenly heard Emily's frightened voice coming out of the room. "Brother? Brother! Why did you lock me up? Is anybody out there? Help me! Please!"

Sean's heart shook within him. Without further reflection, he rushed into the room. He felt a sense of relief when he noticed the familiar look on Emily's face.

'She is Cloris! I am sure of it!'

At long last, his sister was back again.

"Did I hurt you again?" Cloris asked nervously, as if she had done something wrong, "I don't know what I have done. Am I a monster, brother?"

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