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   Chapter 663 I'm Not Your Brother

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8568

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Sean grabbed Emily's arm and pulled her to his side, while she looked down and wiped her eyes with her hand, sniffling like a child who had made a mistake.

Watching Emily so powerless and cowering in fear in front of Sean, Jacob's heart broke.

'I should have seen this coming. The only choice of Cloris would be her brother.

The girl standing before me now is not Emily, but the sister of Sean.

Perhaps what Emily said is right. My heart will forever belong to her, but not to Cloris. I know my Emily is still in there, and I just have to wake her up! I have to save my lover!'

Sean grasped Emily's hand tight, not allowing her even the slightest chance to escape. Pointing his finger straight to Jacob, he looked to his men and ordered, "Lock that man up and wait for my command."

Baffled, Emily shuddered in horror and said, "Sean, why do you have to do that? There is no need to lock Seventh up! You have no reason to act like this!"

"Reason? You know I have my reasons and you know them well. My dear Cloris." Sean raised her chin up to face him and said, "Head up! Look at me!"

An overwhelming sense of guilt crept into Emily as she started to trace back what she had done. She felt so ashamed. She couldn't make eye contact with Sean. "Sean, if you want to blame someone, blame me. I'll take the blame for everything, but Seventh is innocent. I beg you to release him."

"That's impossible. The only way for all of this to end is death."

Sean's gaze fell like an act of violence, a glare to stop her heart. For in that moment Emily realized that the man she thought was her loving brother, was nothing more than an pretended act. This was the real Sean. Emily stood still with a blank head knowing nothing to face her brother.

Jacob, on the other hand, showed the most calm and collectedness among all those people. Even though he was being taken away, he smiled to comfort Emily and said, "Don't worry. I will be fine."

"We will see about that!" Sean shouted at Jacob contemptuously, forcing his sister out of the room despite her incessant protests. Soon, Jacob was locked up in a basement.

"Sean, please don't do this..." Emily struggled to break free from Sean as he dragged her along with him. "Calm down, Sean! We should talk about what you're doing!"

'Bang!' Sean slammed the door shut.

With a startled blink, Emily looked behind her to find that she was in Sean's room, big and brightly lit up. The man standing in front of her was drawing close, burning the air out for her to breathe.

"What would you like t

were wandering in a labyrinth cluelessly. If Emily was Cloris, then Sean Lu was obviously the elder brother of Cloris Lu. But if Emily was not Cloris, then the girl in his arms was not the Cloris that belonged to him.

Indeed, she was his Cloris and nothing in the world could change that!

The woman he had loved and desired all his life!

Sean held Emily in a tight embrace, perhaps a bit too tight. Strangely enough, it seemed as though he was hugging her for the last time and he didn't let go until Emily cried out in pain.

With a broken heart beating inside his chest, he asked Emily, "You're in love with that man, aren't you?"

Emily answered, muffled sobs wracked against her chest, "No, I, I didn't fall in love with anyone."

"Liar!" Sean laughed, but it wasn't hard to tell that there was no joy in his laughter.

She felt the chill of his laughter in her blood, coldness bringing the synapses of her brain to a stand still. "Sean, what are you going to do?"

"You don't need to be afraid." Sean patted gently on her back, talking to her in a soft voice, "I will not lose control any more. Today will be the first and last time, ever. I apologize for my behavior, my sister."

However, his apology was not applicable to Jacob.

Sean laughed at his own misfortune.

He came to realize the fact that it didn't matter whether she was Cloris or Emily, because to them he would always be an elder brother, never a lover. There was nothing he could do to stop the inevitable truth, that his sister would one day fall in love with another man. It was bound to happen, sooner or later.

Sean had never felt such a strong sense of hatred towards himself, for being her dear brother.

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