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   Chapter 662 It Must Be A Dream

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7910

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Emily's expression was full of confusion and helplessness. "What happened between us last night? Why am I in your room?"

So saying, she looked down at her naked body, and suddenly there seemed to be a thunderclap in her head as realization struck!

They had slept together last night! How come?

But why did she have no memory of it at all?

All she remembered was going to bed early last night. It was hard to believe her own eyes when she awoke in the morning and saw Jacob in the bed next to her. For a moment she had thought that she was dreaming!

"Was this a dream? It must be a dream..." Her voice was shaking, as if she were about to cry. She murmured to herself as if trying to make herself feel better, "It must be a dream."

Jacob seemed to have been doused with cold water and he calmed down completely.

He got up and dressed quickly, before picking up the clothes from the floor and handing them to Emily.

"This is not a dream. We did have sex last night!" he said emphatically.

Emily's face paled suddenly. "That's impossible."

Jacob spoke in a softer voice then, "I will be responsible for you."

"But, but..." Still confused and frightened even, she nervously bit her lips.

Looking at her dumbstruck expression, Jacob felt an indescribable grief in his heart. He momentarily also suspected that everything which had happened last night was just a dream, a figment of his imagination.

Emily, his Emily, came to him last night, after remembering everything of the past between them. They had made passionate love after that. The sweet pleasures of the previous night had soured with the dawn though.

Because she had left again as the sun came up.

The Emily who was sitting in front of him now, was not the same as the night before. She was just a body hosting other people's souls. Although he knew this, he still loved her crazily.

Emily didn't know why, but she felt confused when she saw his sad eyes. It seemed that he had lost something precious, and somehow she was to blame.

She couldn't help but wonder, 'Does he regret sleeping with me? Was I such a disappointment?'

Thinking of this, she almost wanted to find a place to hide from her shame.

"What should we do... now?" she asked uncertainly.

He hugged her then, trying to make her feel safer. "Don't be afraid. I will not abandon you. Will you

e wanted to beat this man who had stolen his happiness into a bloody pulp.

Emily screamed and instinctively came to protect Jacob. She stood in front of Sean to stop him and yelled, "Please don't fight anymore! If you have something to say, then say it. But don't fight!"

Jacob felt his heart warmed and he drew Emily into his arms and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry. He can't beat me. He would need several more Seans to fight me!"

Despite the tense moment, Emily was amused by him. "I remember you were beaten by my brother last time. Now you dare to talk big!"

Jealousy made Sean want to vomit as he was flooded with bitterness at the sight of the intimacy between the couple. His heart twisted with a barrage of emotions and he wanted nothing more than to slice Jacob into a thousand little bleeding pieces!

"Cloris, come over here!" he demanded then.

Emily listened to his barked order. It was like he was commanding a dog. Her heart trembled with fear. She looked at Jacob instinctively for assurance.

Jacob also looked into her eyes then, as if asking her not to go.

Sean wanted to rush forward and pull Emily out of Jacob's arms, but he did not do this. Instead he wanted Jacob to feel the agony of watching Emily walk to his side!

He repeated his order, "Cloris, come over here."

Biting her lips, Emily finally pushed Jacob away and walked slowly toward Sean. Her feet were as heavy as lead, and each step seemed a betrayal of Jacob.

With eyes darkening, Jacob looked straight at her back as she resumed her position at Sean's side.

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