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   Chapter 661 Memory Restored

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Late in the night, Emily was sound asleep on the big, cozy bed. Breathing evenly, she looked peaceful and beautiful in her sleep.

Streaming through the glass window, the silvery moonlight spilt on her body, forming a light white halo around her, making her appear as holy as an angel.

After a long time, her thick dark eyelashes suddenly quivered and lifted slowly, exposing her beautiful eyes wide open.

The confusion that had set in at first gradually started to fade away.

Sitting up slowly, Emily's eyes squinted, adjusting to the surroundings as if she had been sleeping for a long time, but eventually there was clarity.

There she was, back to reality.

Having been in deep slumber for a long time, she thought as though she would never wake up from her dreams. Random fragments of thoughts and memories from Cloris, her other personality, rushed into her head.

Emily was Cloris, but in some way she was not.

Emily's longing to see Jacob deepened and she got out of bed to satisfy that urge.

He was the man she loved with all her heart! How could she ever stop missing him? The familiar feelings of longing returned, and her heart ached for him.

She walked out of her room to go to Jacob's with the help of Cloris's memory. Putting her hand around the handle, she twisted and found the door unlocked.

She stepped into the room, without so much as a murmur. Based on her instincts and her memory of his smell, she could find where her man was even without turning the lights on.

Stretched on the bed lay Jacob, motionless, even though he had already perceived her arrival when she was at the door. He assumed it was someone assigned by Sean to do him an ill turn, so he decided to wait and see before taking any action.

But the moment she came in, he recognized her sweet fragrance almost instantly.

It was fresh and elegant like the morning dew drops from lily petals, belonging exclusively to Emily.

Without a doubt in his mind, he knew it was her.

Jacob's mind began to stir, and somehow he even felt a little nervous. He could sense her presence getting closer...

Finally, she stopped at his bedside.

Jacob could no longer keep his desires at bay and tried to get up, but she was one step ahead of him as she threw herself into his arms before he could even stand up on his feet.

In that split second when her body touched his for the first time, every nerve in his body and brain was electrified. One touch and the intoxication was instant. He couldn't help wondering whether it was dream or reality. How could he not question this intimate moment when this wasn't

o say, he was talking about Sean. Now that the love of his life was back at his side again, he had nothing to fear.

"Okay." Emily finally closed her eyes, yawning as she said, "You should get some sleep too. Your eyes are getting red from staying up so late."

Jacob tried to stay up but eventually he succumbed to slumber right after her as well.

Having been through an emotional rollercoaster lately had taken its toll on Emily and she was both mentally and physically spent. Although a moment ago she was fighting to stay awake, having found comfort in between Jacob's arms, she fell fast asleep.

Jacob, however, squinted his eyes open listening to her soft breathing.

How could he fall asleep? His Emily was finally back in his arms.

She was not Cloris, not Sean's sister, but his Emily, his wife, and the love of his life.

Staring pensively at the beautiful woman in his arms, it seemed as though he couldn't get enough of her. He gave her soft kisses, carefully as to not wake her up.

The sun rose as a canopy of gold, bright amidst the blue, bidding the stars to take their nightly rest. As darkness surrendered, every colour changed from tinges of charcoal to a vibrancy. Dawn had come.

Twisting in the man's arms, Emily found a cozy position and continued to sleep in. The man kept patting on her back, spoiling her and lulling her to sleep.

"Sean..." half asleep, half awake, Emily mumbled. "Why are you in my bed again? Come on. I'm not a little girl anymore..."

While speaking, she gradually came to her senses. After a clear look at the man's face, her eyes widened like two saucers. "S-Seventh?! What are you doing here?"

Emily's reaction made Jacob's heart sink, dragging him back into the abyss.

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