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   Chapter 659 Your Sister

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7388

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The lights were not on and the room was plunged into darkness.

Emily was encircled in Jacob's arms. She raised her eyes and was stunned by his stare. His eyes seemed filled with a thousand stars and she could not tear away her gaze.

She was vaguely aware that something had changed. It was strange.

"Seventh, it's late. Why are you still awake?" she asked, swallowing as she realized how dry her throat had become.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable she pushed him away.

Jacob turned on the light and looked at her. She wore a thin dress, revealing her white arms and legs, while also exuding the temptation of innocence behind the gossamer fabric.

His eyes darkened, "I can't sleep."

"You can't sleep, too? That's great." Emily thought that since he was awake, her presence wouldn't been regarded as an interruption. "Let's talk, shall we?"

"Okay!" Jacob naturally met her request. Absently he took a soft blanket and draped it about her shoulders. "It's cold at night."

She did not refuse his kindness and thanked him.

They sat together on the balcony and looked up at the stars. The atmosphere was quiet. It was as if the world only consisted of the two of them, the balcony, and the stars. Emily's mind was still confused by the dream, and she did not know how to start. Sadly, she did not notice that Jacob was staring at her.

His eyes were tender as moonlight, with a hidden, deep love.

He thought that if Beryl could be there, they would be reunited.

If Beryl knew that her mother was still alive, would she be happy?

Emily did not know what Jacob was thinking about just then. But after a long period of psychological construction, she began to ask, "Yesterday, when we were in the orchard, you said you dreamed about your past. You haven't finished telling me about it yet. Why don't you go on now?"

She did not tell him about her dream because she wanted to prove something, something magical and weird.

Jacob agreed and continued his story.

Upon hearing the later part of the story, Emily's face changed.

Because what he related was exactly the same as what she had dreamed of! 'How come? Could he foresee my dream in advance? Was it really just a coincid

hatting together on the balcony. It is your impure thoughts that should be blamed!"

"It's not the same thing. I am your brother!" he tried to explain, but failed dismally.

"Seventh is my little brother as well!" she retorted.

Sean's pupils shrank and the muscles in his forehead began to jump convulsively. "He's not related to you, you know? Cloris, can you please be good and not make me worry about you anymore? Do you think that you did the right thing?" he pleaded.

Looking at Sean's fierce eyes, Emily felt extremely guilty. It was as if she had done something terribly wrong. She finally softened her voice. "Well, I know It's my fault. I won't do that again..."

Her cute expression made Sean's heart soften at once. How could he still be angry with her? In fact, it was Jacob who should be blamed! How dare he seduce Emily!

"So why did you go to his room in the middle of the night?"

Emily immediately passed the buck and said, "The reason why I was there is because of that dream..."

Sean was momentarily surprised. "What dream?"

Emily unreservedly told her brother the original story. What was more, she even wanted to analyze it with him. "It is weird. Don't you think so? How can I have the same dream as Seventh? Maybe we really were a couple in a past life?" she pondered aloud.

Her referring to them being a couple was a joke, but it hurt Sean's fragile nerves all of a sudden, and caused him a great alarm that lanced his heart!

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