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   Chapter 658 What Like Means

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After that, Emily still chose to believe Sean, though she held some deep doubts, and did not want him to cure Jacob anymore.

Sean did not dare mistreat Jacob as he was afraid that Emily would never believe him again. Every day Sean had to watch as she stayed with Jacob and he could do nothing but tolerate it.

Sean knew without a doubt that Jacob had regained his memories, but he did not know how to explain this to Emily, as Jacob was really good at disguising himself. Emily would never believe Sean if he said something.

'What can I do to force Jacob to give himself away?' Sean pondered desperately.

Jacob did not care what Sean was planning at all, as he now turned all his attention on Emily. He wondered how he might help her regain Emily's memories and stop being Cloris.

He was not gifted with profound medical knowledge like Sean, so he planned on taking Emily back to Z Country to try and jog her memories.

However, they were in Sean's place now so it was not really possible to spirit Emily away. He would have to find another way.

It was autumn now and Jacob had almost fully recovered. He still pretended to be as silly as before in front of Emily, but sometimes, he would try to nudge her memory.

Just as Jacob had predicted, Emily had not only lost all her memories, but someone else's memories had been implanted into her mind. Sean had made her become a completely different person-Cloris Lu!

Sean had once been, and still was, crazy for this woman-his own sister!

Unable to stop feeling furious, Jacob could not see Emily as anyone other than just Emily. She was unique in the world and would never be anyone else's substitute! She was Emily and he loved her.

'What a devil you are, Sean! How could you have feelings for your own sister! You disgusting bastard!' Jacob cursed him mentally.

"Seventh, what are you thinking? Why do you always stare off so blankly?" Emily's voice pulled Jacob back to reality, and snapping to the moment, he looked into her face blankly. He was careful not to let her catch him at his pretense.

She shook her fingers in front of his eyes and continued, "Do you feel discomfort anywhere? You have been absent-minded several times today. If I had known it, I would not have asked you to come with us!" Emily blamed herself.

There was an orchard on the villa grounds and Emily loved fresh fruits, so sh

sticky residue on her cheeks from a night of weeping.

She felt that this could not be just a simple dream. In her heart she felt the echoes of those sweet emotions of sorrow, pain and happiness...

The dream felt so real that she was reluctant to wake up.

For no reason, she just wanted to see Jacob, right now. She wanted to see his handsome face, right now. She wanted to stay with him, right now.

Emily followed her heart.

It was 3:00 AM and the day had not yet dawned. The promise of night still clung to the villa. She knew that Jacob would be sleeping, but she could not wait anymore as she came to his door.

"Knock knock." Emily knocked lightly at the door but no one answered from inside. She listened with bated breath, her heart pounding in her ears, but there was no reply.

She waited there for a while, shivering in her thin, silken nightgown and a pair of fluffy slippers. She felt utterly exposed as she lingered at his door.

Finally, the cold wind sobered her and stilled her raging emotions. She ruefully felt that it was improper to do this. Believing that Jacob might not have heard the knock, she turned to leave.

However, before her feet could carry her away, the door opened.

Jacob reached out, grabbed her by the waist and drew her into his arms. He held her tightly, protectively and warmly. There was remembrance in his touch. It felt like she belonged in his arms, and had spent eternity there.

Emily did not even have time to respond as she was gently guided into the room by Jacob and the door was firmly slammed shut with a "bang".

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