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   Chapter 657 A Taste Of His Own Medicine

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7299

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The dimly lit room was thick with tension. Sean was the first to realize what was going on. He asked his subordinates to release Jacob and walked towards Emily, "Cloris, I can explain."

Shock was written all over Emily's face as she couldn't believe what she saw. "Brother! Why are you doing to Seventh?"

In this kind of situation, any explanation would sound farfetched, but Sean continued anyway. "Hey, listen. I just wanted to cure him, but I can't do that if he won't cooperate. You wanted him to regain his memory, right?"

However, Emily couldn't trust him after she saw the things he did to Jacob. She dubiously asked, "Why? Why at this time? It's already midnight. He was seized by these people… And, what are these white pills? You owe me an explanation, my brother!"

Sean hesitated for a moment. Finally, he was about to say something, but Jacob cut him off.

"Sister, I don't wanna eat it. I don't know what it is. I'm scared..." he said and pretended to be nervous.

He successfully fooled Emily. Her heart ached when she saw him tremble like that, so she drew him to her and tried to protect him, "I got you! Don't be afraid. I'll protect you, and no one can force you to eat it!"

"Sister..." Jacob held on tight to Emily's hand.

Meanwhile, Sean felt the rising, bubbling anger in his veins. 'Jacob, you dirty rat! Pretending to be innocent in front of my Cloris, huh!' he thought.


"You haven't told me what these white pills are!" Emily exclaimed. She wouldn't stop questioning until she got an explanation.

Sean couldn't do anything as he knew that he couldn't escape her questions. "They're nothing special, just medicine that would help him remember. I won't force him to take it if he doesn't want it," he said.

"Yeah?" Emily stared at her brother and somehow felt like he was a stranger. "If that's true, may I try one?" she asked with a smile.

The guards who kept the pills had received Sean's orders and were about to leave the place, so Emily took a pill when they walked past her. To test her brother, she pretended she would take it.

"No! Don't!" Sean and Jacob shouted at the same time.

They were afraid that

and Jacob back to their quarters, he went straight to his room.

He laid down on the soft bed and covered himself with the heavy quilt. However, it didn't work. He trembled uncontrollably, and he felt the coldness seep into his bones!

An alarming tightness and deadly fatigue squeezed his chest. The white pill had worked.

Sean grabbed the sheets so tightly that his veins stood out under his skin. He occasionally groaned in agony as the pain was killing him.

He was a tough man, but he barely survived the whole ordeal. But after the pain, he felt like he was floating in the air!

He enjoyed the euphoric sensation that felt like the limbo between sleeping and walking. The pill had hallucinogenic effects.

He saw Emily walked towards him with bare feet. She smiled brightly and kept calling him brother with her sweet voice, which melted his heart.

It was such a wonderful dream!

Soon after, he woke up and realized that the reality was now his nightmare.

He was addicted to the pills.

No one knew the pills better than he did. He knew that there was no way to get off the drug once one got hooked on it. It was why he wanted to fed Jacob the pill--he wanted to control him!

Never did he thought that he would take it!

Damn it! Damn it!

It was all Jacob's fault! Every time Sean remembered what previously happened, he wanted to tear Jacob from limb to limb! Everything that was related to Jacob fueled his hatred.

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