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   Chapter 656 She's Emily!

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8854

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Jacob's missing incident was already over and solved, but Emily could not shake off the feeling that somehow something similar might happen again. She worried too much for Jacob to the point that she refused to let him out of her sight.

Jacob found no issue in this. He actually preferred to spend time with Emily. Being with Emily made Jacob happy, but it displeased Sean to the core.

Sean became more intimidating and unapproachable. Nobody in the mansion wanted to come in contact with him. They all avoided talking to him. Everyone worried that he would lash out his anger on them.

All the house helpers and bodyguards were careful around Sean. They watched every action and every word they uttered around him for the fear of accidentally irritating him.

The only ones who were carefree around the mansion were Jacob and Emily. They spent all their time together and neither of them seemed to have detected the change in Sean.

From time to time, Emily would occasionally ask Jacob on what he remembered about the day he went missing. But he never answered her directly. He often dodged her questions. Emily then pressed him for more details and Jacob eventually complained. He said he got a headache whenever he thought about it. So Emily stopped badgering him with questions and let it rest.

She did not want to cause Jacob's headaches. But one day, Jacob suddenly turned serious and asked her, "Sis, what if I told you that Mr. Sean tried to put me in danger? Will you believe me?"

Emily's ear flared up with what she heard. She faced Jacob, and her brow creased. She was positive that someone put him to this. She knew Jacob would never say this otherwise. She retorted back, "Who told you to say this? Who?"

Jacob shook his head vehemently and answered, "No one! I promise!"

Emily held Jacob's face and peered into his eyes. "I don't know who told you this or who instructed you to say such a hideous thing. I don't care. But I guarantee you that my brother would not do such a thing."

Emily found it hard to believe that Sean would want to hurt Jacob. She could not even think of a reason he would do so. After all, they had never even met before all this.

Jacob silently observed Emily's reaction to this. Then he sheepishly answered, "Hey, I was just kidding."

"Never do that again! Okay?" She reached out her hand and stroked Jacob's forehead, with concern etched on her face. "Are you feeling okay? You look sick. What are you feeling? Stay here. I will call Sean so he could check on you."

"No! Don't!" Jacob suddenly sounded terrified. He held Emily by the waist and exclaimed, "It's okay. I'm fine! I

y trap on purpose then?' Sean pondered.

"Hmm. Let me guess," Jacob said, as he looked at the pills. Darkness filled his eyes. He quietly asked, "What's this? Poison? Or could it be drugs?"

Sean wasn't fazed by Jacob. He answered calmly, "I thought nothing could scare you, Jacob. Turns out you're afraid of death, as well. If it weren't for this pill, how long would you have pretended in front of Cloris? You're going to pay for what you did! You're going to pay for all your lies!"

Sean turned to his bodyguards and signaled a gesture. They all approached Jacob and gripped him by the arms.

Jacob was caught by surprise. He wasn't able to fight back. All he could do was to clench his lips and snarl at them.

He thought of the probability of how he would defeat all of them.

"You would never get away with it this time!" The demon deep inside Sean snarled. He slowly approached Jacob, looked at him with vicious eyes, and said, "Enjoy the surprise I prepared for you, Jacob!"

Jacob tried to get away, but he was unable to move under their grip. Sean took the pills and walked back to Jacob. He used his free hand and clenched Jacob's cheeks to forcefully open his mouth.

Jacob aggressively kept turning his head to avoid Sean.

But Sean was too quick. He had almost placed the pill inside Jacob's mouth. The latter kept on struggling to break out.

Suddenly, an unexpected person entered the room.

"What's going on? What are you doing to him?" Emily exclaimed. She was shocked and confused with what she saw. Nobody knew she was awake nor did anyone heard her approach.

Everyone froze. No one knew what to do. They dared not to move a muscle.

'Why is she here? How long has she been awake? What did she see? What did she hear?'

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