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   Chapter 654 He Might Be in Danger

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8045

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Emily was taken back to the villa against her wishes. And Jacob still did not come back.

"I need to go find him!" she said.

"No, you can't go out there at this hour!"

Sean was rarely angry with Emily but now his face darkened and his eyes were red as he continued, "I will send people to find him. You are just a girl. There's nothing you can do out there. Even worse, you might end up getting yourself hurt!"

Emily still insisted eagerly, "How can I just sit here and do nothing? I cannot spend another minute here waiting! If it weren't for me and my fishing idea, he wouldn't have gotten lost!"

Sean said in a low tone, "Stop blaming yourself. It's not your fault. He left by himself. It's late now. I will not allow you to go out. So stop acting crazy!"

"Sean!" Emily could not help feeling anxious, even though she knew that Sean was just worried about her. Nonetheless, Emily still wanted to go find Jacob!

The both of them failed to resolve the deadlock at this moment.

Emily said with a firm voice, "Sean, I must go to find him."

Sean just stood there watching her for some time and then he sighed, as if he finally came to a compromise. "Cloris, do you really want to go against me on this? You've been acting strange lately. You've changed ever since that man came into our lives."

"Dear brother..." Emily begged, "Seventh is lost in the woods. I am afraid for his life. How can you expect me to pretend as if nothing is wrong?"

Sean did not answer her, instead he gave her a glass of warm water and said, "If I allow you to go out, can you promise me that you will come back safe and sound?"

Assuming that she had managed to persuade Sean, Emily's face lit up with hope and she nodded her head at Sean and said, "I give you my word! I promise to keep myself safe and sound!"

Emily slowly drank down the water and looked up occasionally at Sean.

Sean sighed with resignation and said, "Cloris, you know sometimes I don't know what to do with you."

Emily didn't understand what he had meant by that, but she didn't have time to think about that right now. "Sean, I must go to find..."

Suddenly, Emily felt a staggering dizziness overwhelm her and she found it difficult to move. She had lost her balance and was on the verge of falling backwards when

Sean caught her quickly and said, "... I'm sorry."

With half-closed eyes and full-fledged disbelief

the dining room by force.

It wasn't until then that Emily finally remembered that Sean had never promised to let her personally go out and find Jacob. 'But his attitude at that moment was obviously intended to mislead me!

This is getting out of hand! How could he do that to me!' Emily complained in her mind.

"Eat something first, otherwise, I will tie you up to the chair." Sean said it so casually that it seemed as though he was just talking about the weather.

Emily's face reddened with anger but she stopped struggling. She had gut feeling that Sean was not bluffing.

"Eat something first." Sean forced her to sit down and eat.

Emily, however, kept persisting. "Sean, where is Seventh? Please help me find him! He might be in danger!"

"Clap." Sean suddenly put down his chopsticks and a spasm of displeasure contorted his face. "Eat now! I will tell you what you want to know after the meal."

"Sean!" Emily stopped arguing because she realized it was just a waste of her time. She knew her words weren't going to work on Sean. In the end, she decided to make a compromise.

At the same time, Emily felt more confident in her mind.

'Perhaps Sean has already found Seventh? Otherwise, he would not seem so calm and confident!'

Having considered that possibility, Emily stuffed her face as fast as she could and swallowed down everything. Even when she ate food, she looked so adorable.

Sean patted her back gently, urging her to slow down. "Don't eat so fast. This is all yours. If you continue to displease me, I won't tell you anything about Ja... about Seventh."

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