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   Chapter 653 Jacob Disappear

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Sean managed to soothe Emily with great effort, but deep down in his heart, he had no intention of stopping. After a series of trials, he finally confirmed that Jacob had lost memory.

Now that Jacob was confirmed to be amnesiac, things became easy for Sean.

It was a sunny day.

Emily suggested going fishing together for a change, so Jacob could take a break from Sean's endless strange therapies. Sean was naturally together with them, because he didn't want to give Jacob the chance to spend any alone time with Emily. A new idea had popped into his head.

"Why can't I catch even one fish?" said Emily. She was sitting on a soft blanket spread over the green grass, staring at the lake without blinking her eyes even once.

Sean looked at her face, wrinkled with distress, and his eyes softened, while the spring breeze gently blew past him. "You won't catch a fish like that. You need to learn some techniques first."

He sat down beside Emily and put his big hand on her soft little hand and taught her how to fish.

"Am I doing it right?" Emily didn't think there was anything strange about Sean's behavior, as if she were accustomed to it already.

Sean was about to answer her when another man suddenly came out of nowhere and squeezed in between them, like a big dog competing for attention.

"I don't know how to fish, either, Mr. Lu. Please teach me," Jacob said childishly.

Emily thought it was a wonderful idea. "Sean, I think I've got the hang of this now. Why don't you teach Seventh now? He could really use your help too. He hasn't caught a single fish, either."

Sean's face dimmed at once, but he agreed, albeit reluctantly. He then took Jacob to one side and asked, "Did you do that on purpose?"

Jacob seemed as though he had no idea what Sean was talking about. "What do you mean? I just want you to teach me how to fish."

Sean stared at him for a few seconds, and then concluded that this fool was not worthy of wasting his time over. So he enunciated each word slowly, "You

e jealousy in his heart and soothed her gently. "I believe we will find him soon."

However, Emily couldn't ease her worried heart. "Do you think he could be in danger? What if he is in trouble right now?"

"Don't be afraid." Sean touched her hair and said, "He's an adult. Even if he's lost his memory and he's a bit slow, he's not a child."

"I hope so." Emily sighed.

Emily refused to go back until Jacob had been found. She accompanied the bodyguards while they scoured the entire place, looking for him. The place was surrounded by a dense forest. The deeper they went, the more dangerous it had become.

They would have to be extra cautious of the wild animals at night.

Sean didn't like the idea of Emily tiring herself over other men. He refused to let Emily carry on like that.

"Cloris, let's go back first alright? Maybe he went back to the villa."

"That is impossible." Emily refused to believe Sean. "We're so far away from the villa. Our car is right there. How could he go back by himself?"

'Of course, he can't go back, ' Sean smiled in his mind.

Because at that moment, Jacob was stuck somewhere in a swamp called, "Demon's grotto". He was deep-set in a mire, with no hopes of extricating himself. Over the course of time, he would eventually sink into the depths of the swamp.

Finally, he would be gone.

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