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   Chapter 652 Stop Mentioning Others

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It took him a moment, but it soon became clear to Sean that he wouldn't be able to change Emily's mind. So instead of trying to sway her thoughts, he opted to arrive at a consensus. After a big sigh, he calmly decided to compromise, "After I help him regain his memory, we must ask him to leave and send him on his way. That is the most I can do for you."

Emily stayed still. She hesitated and thought it over. Eventually, she reluctantly agreed with a nod. With her brows furrowed, she looked at Sean and asked, "But brother, what is wrong with Seventh? What makes you dislike him so much?"

Sean turned towards her and gently held her by the shoulders. He lowered his head and looked straight into Emily's eyes. "He does not belong here; he never did and he never will. We never should have met him in the first place."

A bit baffled with Sean's words, Emily asked, "But why? What do you mean?" Emily could not fathom what Sean was saying and why he was actually saying all those things. His statement piqued her curiosity and she desperately wanted to ask more, but Sean was adamant not to tell her anything else. He decided to leave her and let her wonder alone.

With all that he had been saying and all that he had been doing, it might seem like Sean already found a way to help regain Jacob's memory. But in actuality, he was just torturing the poor guy. Sean had been testing out different methods on Jacob, not to help him, but to make him suffer. Sean knew for sure that there was more to the story. He was convinced that Jacob did not just lose his memories all over again.

With Jacob back in the picture, Sean could not rest easy. He felt pressured and threatened by Jacob's presence. He did everything in his power to keep Emily and Jacob apart. He made sure that they would not get the opening to be able to talk to each other privately.

Jacob was like a ticking time bomb thrown his way. Sean knew that sooner or later, Jacob and all the complications that came with the guy would eventually explode and escalate his problems. Sean worked and struggled to achieve the peaceful life he had today and he would never allow Jacob to ruin that.

'It took me years to get Cloris(Emily) back! No one would be able to take her away from me, and I will make sure of that. We won't be separated, again! No one has the right to destroy all that I've worked hard for!' Sean silently swore.

That afternoon, Emily was asleep so Sean decided to take Jacob to the koi pond.

Jacob followed Sean, no idea on what they were going to do next. Sean motioned for Jacob to move forward, near the pond. Confused, Jacob did as he was told and the next thing he knew, his head was down in the pond. Sean held Jacob's head in place as water splashed all around them. The kois all swam away, frightened by the sudden swoop of activity in the water.

Jacob continued to struggle and water kept sloshing between them. Sean's voice seemed so far away as Jacob tried to grasp what he was saying. Unable to k

ldn't pin point why.

Sean saw Emily's hesitation and decided to play the part of a hurt brother. He scowled and asked, "You don't believe me, do you, Cloris? But whatever, whether or not you do, I am a professional doctor. I know what I'm doing. If you don't believe me, that means you don't believe my morality and decisions as a doctor."

The atmosphere intensified and became much more tense the moment Sean mentioned his morality as a doctor.

Emily figured that she really hurt Sean. She felt guilty, so she tried to explain her side, "Yes, of course! I believe you. I really do. That's just... I didn't mean to..."

"Just what? What did you mean?" Sean quietly argued. Emily's uncertainty on him felt like a blow to Sean's heart and he felt dejected.

Emily felt apprehensive. She was very fidgety. Thumbing her fingers, she nervously approached her brother. Reluctantly, Emily started to put her arms around Sean. She gave him a comforting hug and said, "I am so sorry, brother. I never should have doubted you, but I really did not intend to hurt you."

Sean reverted back with a tight hug. He had no intention of letting go. He held her in his arms firmly and stroked her long hair gently.

"Silly girl! I was just joking. Don't worry. I believe you. I know you'd believe and choose me. Am I right? You know I'd do the same to you. I would always choose and believe you," Sean said.

Emily felt restrained, but she did not dare move a muscle. She and Sean were so close that she could smell the slight medical aroma on his clothes. Emily started to feel dizzy, but she struggled to say, "Yes, I believe you. But please lay off a bit on Seventh. I know you have other methods. Please avoid the aggressive ones if you can. They could be dangerous and Seventh feels a bit shaken."

"Sshh..." Sean placed his index finger on top of Emily's mouth and continued in a low tone, "Stop mentioning others when we are together."

'And most definitely not Jacob, ' Sean bitterly thought.

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