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   Chapter 651 He's Really A Good Person

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8091

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Sean pretended to be a good doctor and persuaded Emily to leave Jacob and him alone with the excuse of giving Jacob a better treatment. He masked his evil intentions with the mild expression.

Emily had no reason to doubt Sean, after all, he was her brother. She tried to comfort Jacob who was somewhat uneasy about the whole thing, "My brother will take care of you. Don't be afraid of him. With his help, you will soon restore your memories and get your past life back."

Jacob, however, was reluctant to leave her. He looked at Emily with imploring eyes and said, "I don't want to restore my memories. I just want to be with you."

"You silly boy." Emily couldn't help but poke him on the forehead, and then in a gentle tone she said, "Just be a good boy, okay?"

Sean felt quite uncomfortable at the intimacy between Jacob and Emily. It seemed as though his heart was sinking in the hot lava of jealousy. He was overwhelmed with the suspicion as to whether Jacob had lost his memories or not. In the end, he concluded that perhaps it was one of Jacob's many tricks to get close to Emily.

After Emily left, Sean took Jacob to his treatment room, where it was only the two of them.

Jacob didn't know why but he instinctively disliked Emily's brother. Something about Sean just didn't sit well with him. However, he had to keep his resentment a secret because he did not want his relationship with Emily to be affected by it.

In this situation, he knew he had to show Emily's brother some respect. That was the meaning of the so-called "love me, love my dog".

"Do you really forget everything?" Sean asked. He put on his medical gloves after he had just changed into a white gown.

Jacob nodded, "Yes."

He didn't have the same warm, innocent expression on his face that he showed to Emily. Although he still looked a bit foolish, he wasn't intimidated by Sean's cold eyes.

It was clear to him that Sean didn't like him as well. The resentment between the two was mutual.

"Well, let's get started." Sean sneered in his heart. He couldn't wait to witness how long this man could keep his mask of amnesia before he gave himself away.

Jacob was asked to sit down in an electric chair. He had many wires attached to his head to monitor his brain waves, and various wires attached to his body, to monitor his vitals.

"Can this really help me regain my memories?" he asked.

Jacob doubted the s

Emily with watery eyes, hoping she would rescue him.

His innocent and pure expression made Sean sick. How could Jacob put on such an effeminate look? Did he really forget everything? Or was he just too desperate to care?

"You are a man, and you need to behave like a man," he taunted Jacob.

Undoubtedly, Sean was trying to hurt Jacob's feelings by implying that he was a coward.

To Sean's astonishment, Jacob didn't react as he would have wanted. "I'm not a man. I'm my dear sister's little brother."

Sean was speechless.

Emily patiently coaxed Jacob into happiness. She even gave him a hug to sooth him. Finally, Jacob became delighted.

However, Sean was annoyed by their intimacy and his face clouded with rage. After Jacob was taken to have some rest, Sean took the opportunity to pull Emily away.

"Cloris, this person is a man of mystery. Why did you bring him home? Aren't you afraid of him?" he asked with a slight frown of disagreement on his face.

"Sean, he has lost his memories. He just like a child. What danger can he possibly bring to me? If I hadn't brought him home, he would have probably died outside," Emily replied.

"I don't have a problem with you saving him, but you shouldn't have allowed him to live here in our home. Listen to me, Cloris. We should send him away," Sean suggested.

Emily frowned with a disapproving expression on her beautiful face, and said, "Sean, he knows nothing about the outside world right now. If we send him away, he will die because he lacks the means and strength to fend for himself. I promise that he's a really good person."

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