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   Chapter 649 I Will Stick With You Forever

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Jacob also realized that Emily was distancing herself from him. He tried to get close to her at first, but soon realized that it was making her uncomfortable. He thought she enjoyed being with him, but now he wasn't so sure anymore. Sometimes he gazed at her for so long that his smile and anticipation froze to disappointment.

With each passing day, Jacob got more depressed and quiet. He couldn't figure out what had happened or changed between them.

'I don't know what is going on now. Did I do something wrong? Why is she ignoring me all the time?' Every day when Jacob opened his eyes, Emily was there by his side. He liked the feeling of being needed, but that was a long time ago.

Once Emily treated him like he was no one, Jacob suddenly felt lost. He didn't know what to do next; he didn't even know why he still existed in this world.

Little did he know that Emily was suffering just as much as he was.

Every time she saw Jacob's confused and disappointing eyes, her heart ached. She felt guilty when Jacob followed her and looked at her like an abandoned puppy wondering why his owner had discarded him.

He felt like she had abandoned him too.

Meanwhile, Emily received the results from the investigation. The team didn't have the information about Jacob's real identity. He just appeared in the D Country out of nowhere.

But that didn't prove that Jacob was not married.

What if he had family in another country? He could have been married in another country.

'Wait…wait a second… if he was the man in the silver mask, then how would Sean know whether he was married or not? They couldn't have found out his real identity.' Emily's curiosity was piqued.

So, either Jacob had nothing to do with that man in the silver mask, or Sean was lying.

Emily had no reason to doubt her brother, so she concluded that Jacob couldn't have been the man in the silver mask.

But again, why would she think that about him in the first place?

'I trust my instincts. They haven't let me down so far. The whole thing feels a little weird. I just can't figure it out.'

Sean never expected that Emily would dig so deep into his mindless words.

"Keep on looking. I want all

and his smile grew bigger and bigger. "You sound as if you're worried about me. I knew it! You do care about me."

Emily smiled, having been touched by his words. 'The only thing he cares about is my reaction towards him.'

"As long as you are here, I won't leave you alone. Do you understand that?" Emily said to Jacob.

'That's it. As long as he is still here, he is mine. Why do we need to complicate things? Just seize the day and enjoy the time with him.

I will help him regain his memories. After that, if he's still willing to stay then that would be great. But if he wants to leave, then…

Or, if he fails to recover his memories, and stay like this forever, then he can live with me here forever.'

When Emily finally acknowledged her feelings and all the things that had been bothering her, she felt free. At the same time, she felt sorry for treating Jacob like that, especially when he looked at her with those surprised eyes, his face full of joy.

"Are you serious? Are you saying that you will never leave me alone again? Please, don't do that to me again. You have to promise me! If I do anything wrong, you can tell me and I will never do that again…But please don't leave me alone or kick me out of here…"

"I am sorry." Emily finally apologized. She patted Jacob's head and comforted him, "I will never ask you to leave, unless you want to leave on your own."

Jacob hugged her immediately, "I won't. I want to be with you forever."

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