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   Chapter 648 I Want A Kiss

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Seconds later, Emily broke the awkward silence between them. "Why did you hold my hand?"

Jacob could not help feeling nervous and he stuttered, "I, I... I thought I'd wash your hands too."

Emily's mind was blank and her eyes widened as she stared at him in horror. Words had left her.

'Are you really this silly or are you just pretending?' she wondered.

Emily quickly washed the bubbles off her hands and told Jacob to wash his face before she walked out. Perhaps it would be safe to say that Jacob's hand-washing lesson was over. Soon after, Emily led Jacob to the deep pit. "Why did you have to dig so deep?

"Because I thought it would look beautiful," Jacob answered.

Emily felt as though there might be something wrong with Jacob's idea of what constituted as beautiful. 'But he also thinks that I'm beautiful, so it means that there's nothing wrong with him, ' Emily thought pensively. "How dare you lie to me!" Emily pushed him.

Jacob confessed the truth when he realized Emily wasn't going to buy this into his bluff. "Actually I thought you would give me a reward for it. I did it for the reward..."

Jacob lowered his head and poked against his two forefingers like a child.

"What made you think I would like such a big hole..." Emily shook her head in disbelief. She really couldn't understand what Jacob was thinking about. "You don't need to overwork yourself in the future. Do you understand? Your wounds haven't completely healed yet. You really didn't have to work so hard."

"But I do not want to be a free-loader. I want to be useful... Otherwise, you will get mad at me." Jacob's voice became much lower.

Emily immediately understood what was going on. Her face darkened and she asked, "Did someone say something to you? Why would you think something like that?"

"Yes," Jacob nodded his head honestly, feeling aggrieved.

Emily urged him to give her a name. "Who was it? Just tell me. I promise I'll give that person a piece of my mind."

'Jacob is here under my care. He is not the household help! Who would dare to fill his mind with such nonsense!' Emily was burning up with rage.

Jacob took time to think about it seriously but sadly he had forgotten what the person looked like. Apart from Emily, Jacob couldn't tell the difference between all the maids in the villa.

"I don't exactly remember..." he said, feeling disappointed at himself.

"... Fine

had a wife and a child. Neither did she want to be a third wheel! 'I'm Miss Cloris of Lu family! How can I be the third wheel?

No! Never! I can't do this.' Emily felt ashamed.

"I don't want to hear one more word about this. Anyway, it's impossible," she said.

Emily pretended to be unaffected, but she could clearly see the sadness in his eyes. Having dismissed the conversation, she turned around to leave.

"Do not say that to me again in the future. It's stupid," she added.

Jacob stood there with his mouth shut. Sorrowfully watching as Emily disappeared into another room.

'Is she mad at me?

Will she talk me again?' Jacob hoped that this incident wouldn't drive a wedge between them.

Jacob placed his hand on his chest. He could feel the increased beating of his heart and the pain within it.

Emily began to distance herself from Jacob. His eyes desperately searched hers, but Emily pretended as if she couldn't see his love for her.

It also broke Emily's heart to do that to him.

'Perhaps, because I brought him here and put him under my care, I've started to care more about him. Besides, we've lived together for such a long time now, and it's normal for me to have feelings for him. But that's all. I just want to take care of him because he couldn't survive on his own. Nothing special!' Emily tried to convince herself. However, Emily knew clearly that Jacob liked her. Therefore, she had to do this. She needed to stay away from him.

At the same time, she had her people check Jacob's real identity and search all the recent missing persons' files in D Country.

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