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   Chapter 647 A Handsome Blockhead

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"Dear sister, are you angry at me?" Jacob asked nervously. He looked at her like a timid child who didn't know what he had done to infuriate her.

"No, I'm not." Although she had denied it, Emily wasn't entirely telling the truth. 'Why do you flirt with other women?

Aren't you married? Have you forgotten that you have a child? How could you betray your own family?' Emily was severely disappointed.

"You really like doing such menial jobs, don't you? Fine! I will satisfy you. Remember! You only work for me. You only do what I ask you to. Do you understand? The food that you eat and the clothes that you wear come from me, so from now on you will only follow my orders."

Jacob answered obediently, "O-Okay!"

"Of course you will." However, Emily didn't want him to do any hard work considering the fact that his wounds hadn't completely healed yet. After some thought, she finally came up with an idea.

"I've got it! I need you to dig a hole on the ground. I am going to plant a little tree there. You cannot ask anybody to help you. Okay?"

'What the hell are these maids thinking? They can easily do their jobs by themselves. Why did they have to involve him?' Emily wondered.

"Sure! I'll get right on it." Jacob wasn't displeased or disheartened. In fact, he was rather enthusiastic about it. "I will only work for you. Your wish is my command."

"You'd better keep that in mind!" Emily forgot her grown-up ways and acted like a spoiled child. "I'll come back an hour later. You'd better have done your job by then. Okay?"

"Yes, ma'am! You can count on me!" This was Jacob's opportunity to impress Emily. He wasn't going to mess this up for anything in the world. Jacob was excited and he wondered what prize she would give to him.

From one thing to another, the thought of a prize reminded him of Emily's rosy and luscious lips, and his ears went red.

As she saw him standing still, Emily asked one of the maids to bring her a shovel. Emily handed the shovel to Jacob and led him to nice spot with lots of sunlight. After she drew a circle on the ground, she said to him, "Here! You're all set! You'd better have done it perfectly."

"Okay!" Jacob whispered. His eyes was staring at Emily with expectation.

But Emily was oblivious. She yawned boorishly and stretched her arms above her head before she left

d in the mud. It was as if Prince Charming had suddenly turned into the pauper.

"My dear sister! Look! What do you think?"

"I just need a little one to plant a tree!"

Emily angrily walked towards him and helped him stand up. When she saw that his nails were full of dirt, she felt sorry for him. "I just needed you to dig a little hole for my tree, but look at you! Come on! Let's get you cleaned up. I don't want to play with you when your hands are dirty like this."

Jacob got nervous at once and he answered, "Okay! Okay! I'll wash."

Emily led him to wash his hands, and asked, "Do you know how to wash your hands the right way? Squeeze for some liquid soap between your hands. Rub your hands together till you see bubbles. Then you wash your hands clean and..."

Jacob had learnt how to wash his own hands but he didn't tell her anything, because he wanted more chances to get close to her. And he murmured, "I don't understand. Show me!"

"Oh, man! Didn't they teach you before?" Emily didn't doubt him, as she assumed that the man was too silly to lie to her face. Then she held his hands under the faucet and carefully taught him how to wash hands. "Do you know what to do now?"

Jacob answered, "No!"

Her soft hand held his rough hands, and she carefully rubbed his skin. The fragrant and dense foam danced between their fingers, making the moment even more intimate.

"Open your hands." When Emily was about to clean the area between his fingers, he suddenly held her hands. Both of them froze when her hands were clasped in his.

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