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   Chapter 645 Don't Leave Me Alone

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8189

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Emily was astounded by his reaction. She could never imagine a strong man like Jacob to cry in front of her. She stammered, "You... What's wrong with you? Did someone say something to you?"

Sniffling like a child, Jacob murmured, "They're going to kick me out of here..."

"Don't worry. I won't let that happen. I won't let them kick you out of here..."

Emily patted him on the back to comfort him. "Did you forget it already? You are my little brother. No one would dare to do anything to you. Don't worry..."

Jacob latched onto her leg and implored, "Please don't leave me alone..."

He didn't know why, but deep inside his heart, he always felt a fear that someday he would lose Emily. He felt as though he had lost her once, and every now and then, the piercing pain would strike his heart and disappear without a trace.

The panic was like a deluge of ice water surrounding his every limb, creeping higher until it passed his mouth and nose. That was when the attack became absolute, shutting his body down faster than he could react.

"Trust me." Emily coaxed Jacob for a while and managed to get him off the ground. All of a sudden, she felt extremely exhausted.

This was the first time Emily had to comfort someone, as Sean would always be the one to take care of her when she needed help.

"Let me take you out for lunch. Just two of us." Emily took Jacob to the dining hall. The two of them walked in holding hands.

Jacob obediently followed her wherever she went. He would often take her soft, white hand whenever the opportunity presented itself. When he realized that Emily wasn't annoyed by it anymore, his heart gladdened.

After lunch, Emily ordered some desserts.

Jacob always hated sugary foods, so in a subconscious gesture of disgust his nose wrinkled and he drew his head backwards. Emily giggled at his repulsion and enjoyed the desserts on her own.

As for Jacob, just staring at her was enough to fill his heart with sweetness. With her in front of his eyes, he didn't need to look anywhere else.

The moment Emily looked up at him, she met his faithful eyes and felt embarrassed immediately. "Don't stare at me. It's rude to stare at people like that," she complained.

'No one liked to be stared at while they ate.

Why was that so hard for him to understand?' Emily sighed at her heart.

Jacob, however, didn't bother to conceal his deepest thoughts. He spoke out freely and frankly. "But

"Huh!" Emily was not happy with his reaction. She threw the spoon away and scornfully said to him, "How dare you complain about the food I feed you? I am done with this!"

As far as she could remember, she had never taken care of anyone in this fashion.

"But I am not done with this. It's my turn to feed you now." Jacob volunteered immediately.

Emily hummed and said, "I don't want to be fed. Do I look like a child that needs to be fed to you? K-I-D." Emily drawled in an arrogant way.

As soon as the words left her mouth, she felt something strange all of a sudden. She raised her sights towards Jacob, only to be met with his deep, captivating eyes.

He tenderly touched her soft lip, only taking away a piece of cream and putting it into his mouth.

"Sweet. Now this tastes good," Jacob said to her with a satisfied look on his face.

Emily was startled by his move. She was even more confused now because of him.

It took her mind a few seconds to register what just happened and her cheeks turned red, like two apples on her face.

"What... what are you doing... No! Why... why are you eating... the cream from my lips..."

'What is going on with this man!

Where did he learn these things?' Emily almost exploded but she kept a calm face.

Jacob couldn't understand why she was being so dramatic. With a pure expression on his face, he said, "Because, it's tastier."

The next second, he got up to lick her lips, just like a dog licking its owner. But his sensible side told him that Emily would be angry if he did that, so he stopped half way.

Obviously, he wasn't going to tell her about it.

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