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   Chapter 643 Give Me A Hug

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7596

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The man had suffered near fatal injuries. Emily wanted to try her best to save his life since she had found him and now felt responsible for him.

Another reason was his sudden appearance at her villa. His presence was weird. There was an air of mystery about it and Emily was intrigued. She wondered at the forces that had again brought him to her.

Meanwhile, Vedder, who was abroad, sneezed loudly.

"Jacob has probably been found by now," he pondered aloud.

Everything was moving according to his plan. When Miss Lu, that kind and innocent girl, saw an injured man, she would feel sorry for him and would surely save him. Vedder was proud of his perfectly laid plan.

He wondered in amusement what Sean would think if he knew that Jacob had been saved by his little sister and now rested in his home, while he was abroad searching for him? It was almost ironic!

'I can only imagine his face, if he should know this, ' Vedder thought to himself.

He felt it was a pity that he could not see Sean's look in person. If only he could be a fly on the wall, when Sean found out about this.

The doctors had exerted every effort to saved Jacob. On the third day, he finally woke up. Upon opening his eyes he was greeted by the large luminous eyes of the beautiful girl. Her elegance stunned him and warmed his heart.

"You're finally awake!" Emily exclaimed with excitement. When she saw him open his eyes, she breathed a deep sigh of relief. She summoned the doctor to come and check on the patient at once.

"He is out of danger now. What he needs is plenty of rest. He will recover soon since he is physically strong."

The doctor adjusted his glasses and continued, "But he looks weird somehow."

"Weird?" Emily subconsciously looked at the man who was half lying on the bed but found nothing weird about him. The only strange thing was that he had still said nothing since he woke up.

His eyes was glassy with confusion, which showed his incomprehension of what was happening. He looked as simple as a toddler now.

An explanation flashed in her mind, and Emily said as she pointed at her own head, "Doctor, is he..."

"Yeah. That explains it." The doctor widened the man's eyelids and used his flashlight to check his reflexes. To confirm his

handsome and mature man like him was talking like a little boy. It was not really funny but the contrast was somehow very cute in her eyes.

She knew quite clearly that she was being a shallow girl. Though she hated herself for this, she could not refuse an attractive man like him. "All right! All right! Just a hug!" she said to him.

Expectation filled his eyes at once.

When she looked into his eyes, she blushed and suddenly felt shy. She sat down beside his bed and opened her arms to give him a hug.

When she was about end this temporary hug, he suddenly hugged her back fiercely and would not let her go.

"Hey!" she yelled, as she was struggling to get free from his embrace.

'What the hell is up with you? Oh my! I can't even breathe now, ' she thought to herself.

But Jacob didn't seem to hear her yelling and instead held her more tightly. It seemed that he wanted to imprison her in his hug in case she would leave him.

His hug almost smothered Emily, but she also felt a sense of familiarity and relief somehow. She even wanted to cry from ineffable emotion.

She felt helpless and fearful as her emotions assaulted her subconscious and she tried to escape. She screamed, "Stop! Stop this! Or I'll have to yell for help!"

She gave him several punches on his chest while she was struggling. Although her punches were not strong enough to hurt, he groaned in pain. Then he loosened his grip.

Finally she was free from his hug, though a tightness continued binding her heart.

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