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   Chapter 642 Meeting Again

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"All right." Emily was convinced by Sean's words. In Emily opinion, Sean was her brother. There was no need for him to deceive her at all. She thought that all his actions originated from a desire for her own good.

Meanwhile Sean's eyes, unnoticed by her, shone with cunning.

Jacob was seriously injured, almost dying. Just when he had thought that he was about to die, a man had suddenly appeared and saved him.

The man was Vedder.

"Mr. Jacob, how come you cut such a sorry figure? You look so miserable." Vedder couldn't bear to look straight at Jacob. His substantial injuries made for a gory picture and Vedder was quite squeamish. Looking away he said, "So you couldn't beat Sean either?"

Jacob did not even have the strength to speak. His face was ghastly pale from blood loss. It had taken all his strength to escape and elude Sean's men.

It wasn't that he couldn't beat Sean. On the contrary, Jacob couldn't do anything with Sean now because he had some queries which had needed answering, hence the elaborate plot to find answers from Sean.

Now he had finally confirmed the identity of the girl. Jacob did not regret his dangerous actions. He would never have let himself die easily. He needed to see Emily! His Emily!

"You must stay alive. The rewards you promised me have not yet been paid to me." Vedder looked sad, touched by Jacob's commitment. Before Sean's underlings had come searching for Jacob, he had quickly secreted him away in his car. "Mr. Jacob, hold on! You'll be fine."

He thought, 'If Jacob really dies here, his supporters in Z Country will not spare me. And if I offend Sean, then I will be in trouble here.

Now it is truly a tricky and dangerous task to save Jacob's life first.'

Sean searched almost the whole city, but couldn't find any sign of Jacob. He seemed to have vanished without a trace.

Although Sean suspected the cunning Vedder, unfortunately he couldn't find any proof or incriminating evidence against him.

Worrying in his black heart Sean thought, 'Where on earth did you go, Jacob?

Are you dead?

You were so badly injured that you should have died already if no one has aided you.' But he could not rest assured for Jacob's body had not been found.

Emily's health suffered recently, probably because of the polluted air of the city. Sean set time asid

guards hesitated to step away. Angry at not being obeyed, Emily spoke coldly, "Whose bodyguards are you? And whose orders do you follow? Didn't you hear what I said?"

"Yes. Of course we listen to you," they chorused. They quickly picked Jacob up and carried him off to have his injuries treated.

Following the unconscious man, she suddenly remembered something as inspiration flashed.

"Oh, I see..." she suddenly exclaimed.

The maid next to her asked curiously, "What's wrong, Miss Cloris?"

"I..." Emily almost blurted out. Fortunately, she minced her words in time and said, "I won't tell you."

The maid laughed and said, "Miss Cloris, you are so naughty."

Emily hummed, ignoring the maid's words.

She finally knew why she thought the man was familiar to her. She thought, 'We had seen him after the banquet. The man came to my house later. He's the man in the silver mask!

I see! No wonder I thought he was so familiar! But why did he apply to be my bodyguard? Later he had left because his wife had a baby...'

Thinking of him with a family, somehow left her feeling suffocated and uncomfortable.

She felt as if she had been betrayed. This sensation made no sense though. Staring at his bruised and bloodied face she pondered this strange turn of events.

'I don't know this man. How can I feel so strange?' she wondered.

'I must figure out what this is all about!

Now the urgent matter is to cure his injuries.

He has suffered so seriously. Can he even be saved?' Emily couldn't help worrying about his condition.

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