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   Chapter 640 The Bodyguard Contest

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All of a sudden, this seemingly absurd idea was like a seed that grew crazily in Jacob's chest and its thick vines entangled around his heart.

'Yes! She is Emily! Sean, that lunatic bastard, would do anything to keep her. What if he really has invented that drug and turned my Emily into someone else?' Jacob wondered. He knew with certainty that he would miss out on the only chance he'd ever gotten to see the one he loved if he left now.

He had to figure it out.

Jacob would do anything to pull aside the veil of mystery which enshrouded the girl whose face was so similar to Emily.

Emily had put the little episode of the party from her mind. The fact that she had paid no more attention to the waiter defused Sean's displeasure a little, but he did not relinquish the investigation.

In addition, he wanted to recruit a few more bodyguards for Emily, in case any more strange men accosted his beloved baby. After all, he could not keep an eye on her the whole time, especially not now that he was getting so busy.

As she spent so much time secluded in the castle, she had rarely had the chance to get out. Therefore she was excited by the whole bodyguard issue. She decided to personally choose her own bodyguards.

Sean didn't want to share her attention with anyone, but he also didn't want her to get bored at home either. To entertain her, he decided to hold a bodyguard contest.

The reputation of the Lu Family attracted hundreds of participants over night. The fact that the only prize was the placement as a bodyguard of the Lu Family did not deter any of the contestants. It was a high honor to be selected as the winner, after all.

Ever jealous, Sean weeded out the contestants who were too good looking. But he also frowned at those who were of unusual appearance. He wanted someone dull looking, who would not be competition for him.

But their dull appearances even displeased him with a look.

So he ordered them to put on masks for fear that their appearances would spoiled Emily's mood. Then she could enjoy the contest without being troubled by their faces. He was satisfied with his ingenious plan.

The rule of this contest was simple but brutal. The winner was the one who could defeat the others, then he could be one of her bodyguards.

so cold that she feared coming too close to him.

She thought that an outstanding man like him could surely gain better employment than being a bodyguard. But he came to this contest anyway.

Standing in front of him she stared at him for a few seconds. Impulse suddenly tightened her chest, and she desperately wanted to see his face under the mask. Unbidden her hand reached out to the mask.

But before she touched his mask, he gripped her soft hand to stop her.

"Wait! Don't!" the husky male voice said.

She froze at his touch. Instantly he released his grip and lowered his head, which displeased her.

"Why can't I take off your mask?"

Before the man offered any answers, Sean interrupted as he hugged her and stood between her and the masked man.

"Because they would be dead if you take off their masks."

Her eyes widened with shock and doubt, and she asked, "They would be dead? What are you talking about? Are you trying to fool me, Sean?"

This was a lie which Sean had made up to fool her, but he delivered it without even blinking, "No! This is true, my dear. It's their rule. They are from a mysterious organization. Their laws state that they have to kill themselves if they ever take off their masks."

His words perplexed the man with the silver mask.

And the rest of participants were also at a loss. They wondered in confusion, 'What? What? What the hell?'

None of them understood what he was talking about. They knew nothing about any mysterious organizations or weird laws.

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