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   Chapter 637 Morning My Princess

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7494

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"I beg your pardon, Mr. Jacob," Vedder said as he pointed to the picture on the table. A odd smile appeared on his face, and he continued, "Who is this lady?"

A hint of affection flashed on Jacob's cold face, and even though it existed only for a moment, Vedder caught that expression in an instant.

"She's my wife."

"Your wife?"

Vedder was a little surprised at his answer. He looked at the picture carefully, but Jacob soon covered it with his hand, as if he were protecting an invaluable treasure.

Vedder sighed and said, "Mr. Jacob, I didn't mean to stare at your wife's picture. I was just a little surprised, because I recently met someone who looked a lot like your wife. Maybe they're related. Who knows?"

"What did you say?" Jacob's head was sent reeling backwards. He wasn't sure whether he had heard Vedder properly. Intrigued, he widened his eyes, while his voice trembled, "Please say that again."

Vedder was also intrigued to see this side of Jacob. This was a rare occasion, indeed. He repeated his own words.

"I said I recently met someone who looked a lot like your wife. Maybe..." Jacob jumped with anticipation. "What's her name?"

"Well..." Vedder scratched the back of his head and answered with embarrassment, "I forgot her full name, but I know her last name is Lu."

Jacob stood up as soon as Vedder finished his sentence. He could not control himself anymore, and he exclaimed, "Lu? Are you sure that her last name is Lu?"

"Yes! Her last name is Lu. She is the daughter of the Lu Family. Sean really cares about his little sister." Vedder made fun of his excitement. "Oh, Mr. Jacob! Look how nervous you are. I almost thought that she was your long-lost daughter or something."

"No! She's not!" Jacob answered word by word, "She's my wife!"

Dumbfounded by his words, Vedder said, "You must be kidding, right? The girl I am talking about is only fifteen or sixteen years old. How could she be your wife? Your wife looked like around twenty five in this picture."

"Fifteen or sixteen?" Jacob's light diminished when he heard this. 'Did Sean find another girl who looks like Emily, to be his sister?' he wondered.

Judging from Jacob's reaction, Vedder guessed that there was more

sister, Cloris.

However, even though it seemed like a long shot, there was only one way to settle this matter permanently.

When Vedder talked about Miss Lu, Jacob knew that she could not be Emily because Miss Lu was only about fifteen years old. Regardless of that, his heart told him that perhaps this person had some relation with Emily.

The voice in his heart told Jacob to go to see this Miss Lu and to fall in love with her.

Jacob knew well that he wasn't thinking logically but he decided to follow his heart. Moreover, it wasn't like he had anything to lose.

He needed to see this Miss Lu in person, to see whether she was the woman he loved the most.

Neither Sean nor Emily was in the villa. Only the maids were there to do the cleaning duties. Jacob, who lived in Vedder's house next to the Sean's villa, easily got inside by jumping over the wall.

The entire place carried the scent of that girl.

The moment he stepped inside the house, his heart thumped inside his chest, as if his uncontrolled emotion was begging to be released.

Jacob's intuition told him that the faint aroma he was smelling was Emily's.

Although he had not even seen the girl yet, there was a voice in his head filling him up with all sorts of ideas.

The voice told that this girl was the one he had been longing for.

No other person in the world could make Jacob's heart race at such tremendous speeds.

Jacob knew he had to see this girl in person no matter what the cost.

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