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   Chapter 636 That Woman's Face Looks Familiar

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Sean was finding it hard to humour Emily being this distracted. He never really enjoyed her paying attention to anyone besides him, be that then an animal or a person. It was always clear to him, her eyes and heart should only be for him.

Of course, then Vedder continuously pleasing Emily was getting under his skin. Emily looked visibly animated by the thought of taking care of these animals, something Vedder too was excited about.

Helplessly Sean watched Emily carry two small golden fish flitting in a glass bowl filled with water. Both her hands gripped the bowl tightly trying to be extra careful. Seeing Emily treat the fish this preciously stung Sean with envy.

Nodding at Vedder, Emily firmly said, "I will definitely take good care of them this time. There is no way I am going to let these tiny beings die this time." Exactly who Emily said this to was hardly clear. Was it to herself or Sean? Though her voice was clear, her tone had a touch of pathetic to it.

The maid besides her hurried to her side. She obediently agreed, "Yes, Miss Cloris. Mr. Vedder says these fish are quite easy to take care of. They can even live on their own if you leave them in the pond. Miss Cloris, I am sure you can keep them."

"Yeah, I can do that." Watching the fish's bright and brilliant colours, nervousness creeped into Emily's heart.

When they returned home, she followed all of Vedder's instructions to a T. And yet just as half a day got over, the two fish died. Their bulging eyes showed no sign of life and the water they were in had began to faintly stink.

Emily's heart broke seeing the two corpses float belly up.

Her lips quivered with an unspeakable grief and her eyes welled up with tears. Just a blink, and scores of them fell down as if a string of pearl necklace broke. Emily began to sob uncontrollably and said.

"Fishes, my fishes died..."

"What's wrong? What happened?"

Sean was within Emily's earshot and turned with surprise at Emily. Quickly he approached her and held the shaking woman in his arms. Softly, in a comforting voice, he said, "This is not your fault. Maybe, these fishes aren't as easy to take care as it seemed."

By now the maid had gathered what was going on. 'Miss Cloris didn't carry out Mr. Vedder's instructions. Of course, this was going to happen, ' she thought to herself but decided it was not her place to say anything. Mustering some sympathy for Emily, she said, "Miss Cloris, maybe this house isn't suitable for raising animals at all... I have heard that there are demons in this house, which is why these animals have been dying again and again."

"What demons?" Weeping with grief, Emily had

own couch that gleamed with a rich sheen. The dead quiet of the floor was disturbed by the secretary's clearing of her throat. Vedder looked up and she raised her head to signal that her boss would now see him. Pushing open the heavy oak doors, Vedder stood in front of an extremely handsome man, whose good looks surprised Vedder.

It was the first time that he felt diminished in front of a man whose aura was as alluring and charismatic as his silence. Secretly he thought of how he looked in front of the man, and felt an unwilling defeat crawl underneath his skin.

When he thought about it, he involuntarily remembered the little girl of the Lu Family. Would the president of the Bai Group be the most handsome man that she had ever seen? And it so happened that this man was a citizen of the Z Country, famous for its grandeur and wealth.

This idea, of course, just flashed in his mind and in quite a short time, he forgot it.

"Mr. Gu, I've heard a lot about you."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Vedder."

They got down to business quickly, but then Vedder discovered that underneath Jacob's dashing looks, was a cold impassive face that hardly betrayed any expression under any circumstances.

His deeply black eyes seemed pits of endless coldness. It seemed that he was not interested in anything of the world, and nothing would stir his heart.

Vedder couldn't help but feel get intrigued by Jacob.

As they were talking, Vedder's eyes fell upon a photo on the desk by accident. It was of a beautiful and elegant woman who was sniffing a flower with closed eyes. Her long curly eyelashes as pretty as the wings of a butterfly hooked Vedder's glance for a second too long.

'Wait a minute…I know this woman.

She looks like the little girl of the Lu family!'

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