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   Chapter 635 I Only Want You to Be Happy

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"Kitten, what happened to you?" Emily rushed over and tried to hold the kitten's body up, but Sean caught her by the arm. Flies buzzed around its corpse and a swarming mass of insects nearly covered its whole body.

"Don't touch it, Cloris. It's not safe."

"No, let me go. I must go to see her."

Emily wasn't willing to compromise at all. She remained stubborn, struggling to break free from Sean. Displeasure darkened his eyes, but in the end he made the compromise in her stead. "If you promise me that you'll just look and not touch it?"

Emily nodded assuringly, and then he let her go.

Emily ran to the corpse, fell to her knees in front of the dead kitten, as tears rustled down. "How did my kitten die? She was fine just yesterday. She slept with me in my room."

Sean stood next to her and watched her closely, preventing her from touching the kitten's body. He comforted her with affection. "Perhaps your window was not closed last night. She must have jumped out of the window and eaten something toxic outside."

Emily broke down in tears. "I must take care of it. Sean, dear brother, you are a doctor. I know that you are the best... can you help me to save her, please?"

Sean's voice didn't show any ups and downs, but he felt happy from the bottom of his wicked heart. He replied calmly, "Cloris, she is dead, and there is no way to bring her back."

"Please save her... I beg you...

I beg you to save her."

Sean sighed impatiently. He couldn't refuse Emily, not when she looked so helpless. He pretended to look at the kitten's stiff body and his face shrivelled with disgust.

"Cloris, I am sorry. There is nothing I can do to save her..."

"How could this be..." Emily muttered as if she had no strength in her body.

She had grown fond of this orange kitten in a very short time. Why did this have to happen to her?

Emily refused to accept reality, as if fate owed her an explanation. Benumbed, she stared at the body for a long time, with eyes that had swollen up like two juicy tomatoes.

"Don't waste anymore tears on her. She is already dead." Sean was losing patience and getti

d to covet his Cloris, Sean would send him to the afterlife without hesitation.

Emily was extremely delighted to have this colorful little parrot as a pet. She made the effort of reading up on books so she would know how to properly care and feed her feathery friend.

Luckily, this parrot lived for three days.

Emily's anxious heart was finally relieved, but on the fourth day, the parrot died.

She looked at the parrot's rigid body in disbelief. "How did it die? What is going on here? Did someone kill my parrot?"

The maids were so frightened that they bent down and explained, "Miss Cloris, we really don't know what to tell you. Everyone in the villa knows how much you like this parrot. Who would dare to hurt it? Moreover, killing it wouldn't do us any good!"

Emily, however, was far from being convinced. She decided to get to the bottom of it. Finally, Sean came out with the test results and concluded that Emily had unknowingly prepare too much food for the bird, and it fed itself more than it should have and as a result, it died.

This time, due to the death of the parrot, Emily was sad for another week. She was like a withered flower, lifeless and cold.

Sean kept her company most of the time and tried to cheer her up.

Meanwhile, Vedder sent over two little goldfishes in a fish tank this time.

When Sean noticed the rebirth of Emily's smile on her face, he was spitting fury.

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