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   Chapter 633 The Most Handsome Man In The World

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10465

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Once the sound of Emily's sweet and gentle voice entered Sean's ears, he couldn't turn her down anymore and fed her another bowl of food, even though he knew that Emily had had enough.

The soft glimmer of Emily's lucid and innocent eyes were like limpid lakes. Like an innocent child, who didn't understand the concept of being mature, Emily crammed all the food in her mouth, surrendering herself to her appetite and desires without a second thought.

At night, however, she finally paid the price for her greed and lack of self-control.

She was burning with fever, radiating heat like a brick right out of the oven and raving in delirium.

Emily mumbled random words in her sleep which led Sean to believe that something was seriously wrong with her. Put on alert by Emily's behavior, Sean got off the bed quickly and ran to figure out what had happened to her. As a doctor himself, Sean was confident that he could diagnose the problem, but his confidence wasn't enough to give him full assurance.

He touched Emily's forehead with the back of his hand to read her temperature and concluded that the situation would need extra care. He strongly regretted having fed her too much food. He shouldn't have given into her so easily.

"Hm..." Emily heaved in pain. She was curling up on the bed, groaning in extreme discomfort.

Deep down, Sean was panicking, but he forced himself to calm his nerves. He put a cold wet towel on Emily's forehead and then went to fetch antipyretics for her. After helping her take the medicine, he sat by the bed and watched her closely in case the fever got worse.

Fortunately, it seemed as though the medicine had worked, and soon Emily's fever died down. Her breathing had stabilized and she fell back into peaceful sleep.

Meanwhile, Sean tenderly watched her sleep and kept her company all night. Soon, twilight melted away and slivers of sunlight peeped through the drawn blinds, casting thin golden stripes across her angelic face.

Emily opened her eyes drowsily and noticed Sean's tired face. "Hmmm..." Emily wore a puzzled expression.

Although, the dark circles under Sean's weary eyes indicated his dire need for sleep, he was delighted to see Emily wake up. He peered into her with eyes full of affection and gave her a big smile.

"You're finally awake. Do you feel better now?" Sean asked with concern with the combination of body language. He said slowly so that Emily could understand. Emily had difficulty in language communications and could only speak some easy words, so Sean tried to communicate with her in language so as to improve her language skills.

"Oh, thank God, your temperature is back to normal again." Sean murmured to himself as he read her temperature again.

As if he weren't satisfied, Sean leaned closer to Emily and rested his forehead on hers to feel her temperature. Finally, feeling relieved, he smiled at Emily and said, "Well, I'm just glad you're not burning up anymore, but please be careful next time, okay? From now on, no more over-eating. Are we clear?" Sean looked at her eagerly, expecting an answer.

He then gently poked

pointed his finger to the wall.

"Oh! I was just trying to catch an orange cat and then I found myself here in your arms," Emily replied honestly. "You are so handsome!" Emily added and gave him a friendly smile.

"Really?" It wouldn't be the first time that a woman had complimented him on his good looks. On most occasions he'd receive a compliment from a woman when she wanted something in return from him. However, judging by the eyes of the woman in front of him, he could tell that she was being sincere. He then gently put Emily on her feet and asked, "Do you think I am the most beautiful man you have ever seen?"

Emily was about to say yes, but something flashed in her mind and stopped her. She couldn't figure out what it was, but her instincts told her that the answer was no. She frowned and blurted out, "No, you are not."

"I see. Well that hurt my feelings, but I am happy and thankful for your honesty. I am not angry at you." He sighed and continued, "Then who is the most handsome person you've ever met? Can you tell me?"

"He is..." Emily said slowly, as she tried to recollect her memories. She suddenly realized that the only people she had seen since she woke up was Sean and the servants at the villa. Then, who was the most handsome person in her mind?

She was disappointed at the fact that she couldn't recall her past. "I'm not going to tell you! Hmph!"

"If you tell me this, I will give you that cat as a gift in return. Do we have a deal?" He was just teasing her deliberately. In truth, he did care about her answer. He just enjoyed playfully giving Emily a hard time. For some inexplicable reason, he felt like he could talk to her forever.

Emily opened her eyes wide and said doubtfully as if to confirm it, "Really?"

"Of course! I am a man of my word!" He nodded firmly.

Emily racked her brains to dig out the memory hidden in the depths of her mind. She scratched her head but to no avail. Finally, she caught a piece of important information and exclaimed, "I remember! That man! The most handsome man! He is from Z Country."

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