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   Chapter 631 New rebirth

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After Jacob comforted Beryl, he asked his people to fire those maids gossiping in front of Beryl and recruit a fresh batch of honest, middle-aged maids.

Life still went on, and for a while it seemed that nothing was different. Jacob would check up on the dead body in the ice coffin everyday, until one day, he suddenly discovered that the dead body was beginning to rot.

A silent panic gripped Jacob as he rushed to find the solution. Unfortunately, there was no way of preventing a dead body from rotting. They could only delay the process for so long.

It was odd that there were plenty of ice, but the dead body seemed to not be controlled by the freezing and rotted gradually.

Jacob couldn't bear the thought of his lover rotting away, but there was only so much he could do to fight nature. In his desperation, he hired some spiritual doctors, even though he didn't believe in superstitions at all.

He seemed to give up hope on scientific method and turned to something superstitious.

These spiritual doctors did their best to cast their spells, but it all turned out to be useless, so Jacob threw them all out at once.

In the end, there was only an old, white-bearded monk left. However, instead of asking for money or anything else in return he only took one look a the dead body and said the word "Amitabha".

"My dear benefactor, this lady is not willing to stay here. Why are you keeping her here against her wishes? Please let her rest in peace."

"That's impossible." Jacob showed an expression of grief and said, "I am the one she loved most, and we also have an adorable daughter. How could she want to leave us? You're just spewing nonsense!"

The wise monk shook his head and said, "My dear benefactor, the act of letting go is also a kind of accomplishment. Why are you being so stubborn? You keep her here means that you're depriving her right of being reborn."

Jacob kept silent for a quite long time, then he slowly opened his mouth. "Old man, do you really believe that human beings have souls?"

The old monk sighed and replied, "Everything has a circular causation and everyone is born equal. It is true when you choose to believe in it, otherwise, it is not true."

"Is she... looking at me now?"


"Does she blame me for keeping her here?"

"My dear benefactor, please restrain your grief and accept fate. Who knows? It might not be so bad as you think it is." Th

n would he be able to see her face again.

She was gone. For good.

Unfortunately, he still had to carry on living in this putrid world.

Much like a walking, talking dead body.


Half a year later, in a secret castle deep in the forest of D country.

On a soft bed, scented with roses, was a beautiful woman in deep slumber. A beacon of light pierced through the mullioned panes of glass, bathing her body in a crisscross of iridescent colour, illuminating her like an angel.

After a while, a handsome man walked in to break the silence in the room. "You're not awake yet..."

Emily fluttered her eyes open to his voice. She woke up feeling exhausted, as if she had been in a dream, and yet she couldn't recall anything about it at all. She had an instinctive feeling that her dream was trying to show her a sign, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't remember anything.

She heard the voice of someone calling her with a gentle voice that made her open her eyes to this world.

Before long, the handsome face of the man appeared in front of her. He stared at her with a pair of eyes as tender as water and said, "Cloris, are you awake?"

Cloris? Was Cloris her name?

Who could that man be?

Emily looked at the man with a puzzled expression, and her eyes were as pure as a new-bon baby. She stared at the man without blinking, as if she had forgotten how to speak.

The man leaned towards her and gave a feathery kiss on her long and curly eyelashes. Then in a voice, as deep and melodious as the sound of a violin, he said, "It's me, your brother. Have you forgotten who I am?"

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