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   Chapter 625 How Are You Willing To Die

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Jacob dove into the cold sea water, but he couldn't find Emily. He was certain he had seen her jump into the sea with his own eyes.

'Emily! Where the hell are you? '

He tried to shout out her name, but the waves were too high and every time he opened his mouth, he'd end up swallowing salty water, making it impossible for him to even utter a word!

All of Jacob's men were also searching for Emily. But strangely enough, Emily was nowhere to be found, as if she had vanished from the face of the earth.

Jacob refused to go aboard the ship but persisted in searching deeper. He had to find Emily no matter what! The deeper he went, however, the higher the water pressure became, and it was likely to cause danger to his life!

The men searching with him also understood this. So they were all very worried about the safety of their boss. They swam to him one after another and tried to to persuade him to go back to the ship first!

However, Jacob turned a deaf ear to them, and even pushed them away as he carried on searching himself.

He refused to believe that a living person would just disappear right in front of his eyes. It seemed like just a second ago, he saw her jump into the sea like a wounded mermaid.

The person in charge of Jacob's men, hastened to fetch the oxygen tank for Jacob and then organized another search party. After a while, they had exhausted all their resources but still there was no sign of Emily anywhere.

The rain started to fall heavily and eventually it turned into a violent storm that stirred up a tempest in the sea. The weather couldn't be more horrible than it already was.

For the sake of everyone's safety, they decided to pull Jacob out of water by force. After having spent what seemed to be hours in water, Jacob seemed to be drawing his last breath too.

"Mr. Jacob, it is not safe for you to carry on searching under these circumstances. Your body won't be able to handle it!"

"Yeah! Send our men to go deep and search for her!"

"Perhaps Miss Emily had been washed away by the waves..."

"Shut up! Choose your next words wisely!" Jacob's eyes were stained scarlet and his chest was constantly undulating due to the lack of air. He goggled at his men and howled in a desperate and des

bled out of her control, "Mark? Can you hear me?"

There was still no answer.

"I don't believe it." She murmured to herself, "Mark, don't you love me? I am still alive. How can you just die now?"

Tina had no medical training and she had no idea what to do. She leaned in and pinched Mark's mouth. Then she took a deep breath and kissed him so as to pass air into his mouth. Having seen it on television, Tina helplessly resorted to giving him CPR, hoping that would do the trick.

Time and time again, she tasted the sour taste in his mouth, but still the man didn't respond. For the first time in many years, Tina felt such deep despair.

"Mark? Mark... Don't do this. Please, wake up. I am so scared right now. Get up and look at me, okay?"

She held his cold and pale face in her hands, while fragments of memories poured up into her mind. The man knocked her unconscious, jumped off the sea with her in his arms, and took bullets in the back for her.

She had no idea how long they have been floating on sea before they reached the shores of this island. Thanks to him, she woke up safe and sound, but he didn't...

Tina turned Mark's body over again and saw the gunshot wounds on his back. The bleeding had stopped but the wounds had already been bleached white and rotten by the sea water.

"Why is this happening? Aren't you supposed to be omnipotent? How can you die so easily and so quickly? Did I give you permission to die on me? Come back to life right now! Do you hear me?!"

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