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   Chapter 624 He Did not Deserve to Be Her Man At All

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Both sides were at a stalemate. The sky above turned gloomy and the once calm sea water turned turbulent again, as waves beat against the hull of the ship.

Looking at the man who was frozen like a statue because of her threat, Tina smiled with great satisfaction and said, "What? Don't you want to save her?"

Jacob glared at the woman with an angry scowl on his face. He held the gun in one hand and clenched his other fist so hard. His nails dug deep into the palm of his hand.

"Let her go, and I'll let you go."

Mark found respite from Jacob's words. But just as he was about to say something, he was interrupted by Tina who was standing next to him.

"Give me one reason why I should believe a word that comes out of your mouth?" Tina flapped her red lips arrogantly and her eyes were bereft of any fear. "You can save her, if you just do as I say. Don't worry. It's nothing complicated. Actually it's quite simple."

Tina slowly pointed her gun towards Emily's chest.

"Jacob, kneel down and beg me for forgiveness. Beg to me, and if I am happy, maybe I'll let her go. What do you say?"

"Tina..." Mark looked at the boats that had them surrounded and realized that they were clearly outnumbered. All he wanted from this was to escape with Tina alive. He didn't care whether Emily was dead or alive.

Jacob might not be willing to let them go once he had managed to ensure Emily's safety. Mark would have to take the next best opportunity that would present itself to them.

"Mark, shut up." Tina suddenly lost her temper, feeling embarrassed by Mark's display of weakness. She no longer called him brother this time. "If you were afraid of dying, you should not have got on the boat with me. It's too late to regret now."

Mark pursed his lips into a straight line and said in a very low voice, "I am not."

His words, however, were blown aside by the strong winds, as if they had never been spoken.

Mark wasn't afraid of dying, but he was afraid of losing Tina.

If she had died, he would never find another like her again.

He couldn't allow anything bad to happen to Tina while he was still alive and breathing.

Tina cast a short glance at Mark and a complicated expression flashed in her eyes. She then quickly turned her eyes to the man standing across her and said, "Why do you need to think about it fo

ne realized this, both parties began to pull their triggers. Shots were going off in all directions.

Tina assumed Emily was too weak to move, let alone jump into the sea. She took her eyes off her for half a second and that was enough for Emily to make her escape! How could she be reconciled?

"Bang bang!" The gunshots almost broke her eardrums.

Mark rolled away with Tina in his arms, dodging the barrage of the bullets coming at them, and counterattacking at the same time. Unexpectedly, Tina pushed him away and stood up boldly at the stern while shooting at the sea.

When Jacob's people saw Tina shooting at Jacob and Emily, they quickly sent people to help Jacob and opened fire at Mark and Tina!

Needless to say, Mark was frustrated and annoyed at Tina's constant disregard for her own safety. Was the death of Jacob and Emily far more important than her own life? However, circumstances did not allow him much time to think. He only had one shot at avoiding the bullets and taking Tina with him.

It was practically impossible for them to escape the encirclement!

Mark gritted his teeth and knocked Tina unconscious. When he found the window of opportunity, he jumped into the sea with her. Before long, they miraculously managed to disappear without a trace.

Jacob's men opened fire at the sea, but they were also afraid of hurting Jacob and Emily, so they decided to stop shooting for the sake of their safety.

Suddenly it began to rain. The waves rolled up layer after layer, and the sea water gradually turned turbulent again.

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