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   Chapter 622 She Is Unique To Me

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"Tina." Mark walked over with big strides and pulled Tina away. His wrinkled eyebrows indicated that he could not understand Tina's behavior, "What are you doing? Stop drinking that. It's dirty."

Blood dripped from the corners of Tina's mouth, and with her two glassy dilated eyes she looked at Mark and said, "Dirty? I'm dirty as well. Will she be dirtier than me? Mark, do you want to try some? Her blood is sweet..."

Mark caught her hand, staring deep into her eyes, and solemnly said, "No, you will always be the purest girl in my heart."

Tina was stunned when she heard what Mark said, and then laughed as if she had heard a joke, "I do find your lies very entertaining."

"It's true." Mark held Tina's hand as he peered into her eyes and whispered, "If you want to drink blood, you can drink mine. Emily and I have the same mother and father, therefore, the taste of my blood should be the same."

Mark couldn't stand Tina's ambiguous relationship with other people, even though it was his own sister.

Tina, however, was obsessed with Emily and she did not care about anything else at this moment. As a result, Mark was left to wonder what Tina would do next.

Nevertheless, Mark was not willing to accept it.

He could tolerate Tina hurting other people, but he could not bear to see her obsess over someone else, regardless of whether the obsession rose from a mental or physical desire.

His own obsession with Tina would never disappear. On the contrary, it only grew stronger with each passing day.

"Forget it. I don't want to drink your blood." Tina refused his proposal, and shook off his hand before walking over to Emily again.

Mark's eyes sank and he pulled Tina into his arms so that she could not leave again, "What's the difference between my blood and hers?"

Tina sensed Mark's jealousy in his tone, and she burst out into laughter, "Pardon? Mark, are you jealous?"

Mark held Tina tightly in his arms. He rested his chin on top of her head, gently rubbing her soft hair. "Umm..."

Tina reached out her finger and drew a circle on Mark's chest. With a delicate smile, she asked, "How can I drink your blood

she just watched them helplessly.

As strange as it was, instead of feeling afraid, Emily had a calm disposition at the moment. The only thing that worried her was what Sean would do when he found out that she was missing.

Emily was certain Sean would come to rescue her. Or whatever that was left of her to rescue.

'After all, he had gone through so much just to attain me. He did it all for my body, didn't he?

I don't think he would mess up this opportunity, would he?

Now it's time to see if I can hold on a little longer or not...

It makes no difference whether my captor is Sean or Tina.'

Not once did Emily think that Jacob would come to her rescue. Besides, wasn't he supposed to be lying on an operation table somewhere? Emily didn't want to take any risk with Jacob's life, so she accepted Sean's unreasonable demand without hesitation.

Perhaps if Rita and David had realized that she was missing, they could come to rescue her, Nevertheless, it wouldn't be easy for them to find her in some boat in the sea.

With such a thought, Emily steadied her breathing and calmed her thoughts. Emily hoped to gain Mark's sympathy, but it seemed that he was only loyal to Tina. Neither stick nor carrot worked on him.

That was exactly what Emily was expecting.

After all, Mark was a tough cookie to crack.

Tina and Mark were like the modern-day Bonny and Clyde, criminals on the run from the authority.

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