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   Chapter 621 You Are Crazy

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7034

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The more Emily behaved like this, the more excited Tina became. Furthermore Tina was eager to see Emily at her most awkward and shame her.

"Take her clothes off! Do it!"

Emily was already stripped down to her underwear and when she heard what Tina said, she opened her eyes wide in surprise, "Tina, how can you be so shameless!"

"Shameless?" Tina laughed, excitedly touching her face, as she leered at Emily. "Of course I am not. Mark, don't waste my time. Take all of her clothes off!"

"Piss off! Do not touch me!" Emily kept shouting.

He stopped then and looked at Tina with an expressionless face. It was a face almost devoid of all humanity. In a toneless voice he said, "Tina, that's enough."

She frowned with discontent and said unhappily, "Enough for who? Mark, you don't want to listen to me, do you?"

He fixed his eyes on her. It was as if Tina was the only one that his eyes saw, "I don't want to see this woman. She makes me sick. I only want to see you."

"You..." Looking at him she found her own cruel reflection in his black eyes. Her face blushed as if she were suddenly shy, "Fine. You go out then."

Although he was Emily's biological brother, Tina always regarded him as her own exclusive knight who belonged to her only. The thought that he would see Emily's graceful body made Tina feel uncomfortable.

He was right. The sight of Emily would surely make him sick.

She decided then not to ask him to continue with disrobing Emily. When Emily heard their conversation, she breathed a small sigh of relief.

Knowing just how crazy Tina could get, he was probably aware of the lengths that she would take to torture Emily. He truly cared nothing for Emily. Rather he was concerned for Tina, and he worried that she would be hurt if Emily resisted her manipulations.

So he took a syringe and injected the contents into Emily's neck by force.

Tina looked at him puzzled, "What is this? Don't kill her so quickly. I haven't had a good time yet!"

Mark explained gently, "It's only a muscle relaxant."

The chemicals worked quickly. Emily soon became powe

of the taboo.

His eyes suddenly grew gloomy.

Tina might not understand her own mind where Emily was concerned, but he saw it all too clearly. She thought only about Emily, while ignoring all others, including him.

In the beginning it was a mere jealousy, but it had quickly turned to hatred. Finally her obsession had become a deep seated persistence.

As long as Emily lived in this world, Tina would never let her go. She had wanted nothing more than to find and torture her. Only doing this would make Tina happy.

It seemed that only Emily could give Tina what she craved.

The two women had not noticed his arrival yet. Tina was whispering in Emily's ear. The smile which played on Tina's lips was like poppies in full bloom, beautiful and dangerous.

"Emily, guess when Jacob will come to rescue you? I'm told that he was taken for surgery abroad now. Is that true?"

Exhausted by the ordeal, Emily closed her eyes. She didn't want to look at Tina.

But Tina's voice sounded like a venomous snake in her ears. It was a clear and present danger that she could not ignore.

"If Jacob were to find out that you are missing, just as they were finishing the operation... would he die by accident? Tsk, poor Jacob. He survived a rain of bullets and multiple conspiracies, only to die because of news about your disappearance. Isn't that upsetting? I am so looking forward to it."

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