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   Chapter 619 The Evil In The Darkness

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6335

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Puzzled, Emily was taken aback, but she snickered. "If it doesn't have to be me, then why did you threaten me with Jacob? You know the reason, don't you?"

"The reason?" Sean repeated her words with a little confusion, "Have you made up your mind already?"

"Only if you keep your word and don't harm Jacob," said Emily.

"I have no grudge against him. All I want is you. If you leave him, I'll have no reason to hurt him."

"Deal." After hanging up the call, Emily realized she was drenched in her own sweat, nervous and anxious.

She opened the picture Sean had send her and softly rubbed the face of the handsome man on her screen. The love of her life, Jacob.

In her intense silence Emily was totally panicked.

She thought she could stand up to anything life had to throw at her.

But when she knew that Jacob's life was in Sean's hand, she realized how helpless she really was.

Did she really have to be Sean's puppet to save Jacob?

After everything she had done to maintain her relationship with Jacob...

Jacob was the love of her life.

How could she sit by and leave him in danger.

Emily came up with a decision immediately. She waited in the room till dawn and when the time came, she took Beryl out without showing looking odd or suspicious.

The dutiful bodyguards followed her, just as they were supposed to.

Meanwhile, David and Rita just returned from their trip abroad. Emily took Beryl to stay with the Xu family. She didn't spend too long catching up with her friends because she was too preoccupied with Jacob.

Although, Rita sensed something strange in Emily's behavior, she assured Emily that Beryl would be taken care of and that there was nothing for her to worry about. Soon after, Emily left.

"What happened to Emily? She was acting a bit strange today," Rita said to David.

After thinking about it, David said, "Perhaps she's j

vented Emily from crashing into the windshield, head first.

For a while she sat there dizzied, glued to the wheel of her wrecked car. When she regained her senses, the first thought that popped into her head was to get out of the car and examine the situation.

The door of the other car opened and a man stepped out. His dark eyes were like cold ice.

The dim street light illuminated the man's face, pale and morbid. Emily was freaking out in her seat.

Step by step, he walked towards her, kicking away the rubble in his way.

Emily was so afraid that her mind went totally blank, just by watching the man approach her. Just as she tried to say something, she felt the cold, sharp sting of a needle piercing her neck.

The cold liquid ran quickly through her veins, paralyzing her nerves.

Emily looked at the man's face before she drifted off into darkness. The last thing she saw before she lost her consciousness was his wicked smiling face.

"Got you.

You asked for it this time."

He stepped on Emily's hands and watched while her face contorted in pain. Her suffering pleased him. "Bitch, you deserve it."

The man carried Emily and put her in his car before driving away.

The evil deed was hidden by the darkness of the night.

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