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   Chapter 616 The Bankruptcy of Gu Consortium

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Jacob meant every word of what he had said. He forbade Emily to step out of the mansion. However, he didn't treat her like a prisoner and lock her away without any freedom. Although, his workload had increased and he got busier, he still came back home every night.

Nothing seemed different between them as they got along like they usually did. But there was a subtle change that only the two of them could feel.

Meanwhile, the Gu Consortium's current state was laughable in the eyes of the public.

Since Jacob had returned, everyone in the company counted on him to solve the problems and save the company.

At first, Jacob did plan to save the company but he changed his mind in the last moment. In doing so, he gave away the opportunity to a rival company, who took advantage of his decision and beat the Gu Consortium to the ground.

His decision rippled a wave of chaos among the people in the Gu Consortium and many senior officers and shareholders were greatly dissatisfied with such an outcome. They voted amongst themselves to take Jacob out of the company, but Jacob had already made his exit plans in advance.

Jacob orchestrated the Gu Consortium to bankruptcy.

Generally speaking, as an enterprise enjoying a-hundred-year history, the Gu Consortium was not expected to collapse in such a short period of time. When Jacob was on the helm, doing his job diligently, the company's development sky-rocketed.

However, he was also the person who knew everything about the company. He knew where the Achilles heel was...

By the time everyone else figured out what was happening, it was already too late. It was at that moment when they all realized the real purpose behind Jacob's return to the company. He was the architect behind its downfall.

The whole thing was a part of his elaborate revenge on all of them.

The damage his actions caused to the other shareholders was inestimable. Jacob's enemies, both new and old, appeared overnight. There was a large number of people who wanted his head on a silver platter.

Emily, however, did not feel the repercussions of the danger as she was always in the house. However, she sensed there was something wrong because Jacob refused to let Beryl go to the kindergarten.

And she noticed that the security in the mansion was heavily fortified. Like never before.

Was there something bad happening outside?

moved Mr. Gu back to the bed and started treating him.

Staring at the ceiling, Mr. Gu seemed confused as to what happened just now. Not knowing how long had passed, his eyes opened wide and bloodshot.

He had lost everything...

His power, status, legacy...

All because of Jacob!

He spent his whole life fighting to acquire all the wealth and now it was all gone! He had committed countless immoral and illegal deeds to get to where he was, but in the end he had nothing to show for it!

The most hurtful part was that he could do nothing to stop Jacob with his weak body. He could only witness the destruction of his business empire from the hospital bed.

Jacob! He was the Devil himself!

What he did was truly the most ruthless brand of revenge!

The Gu Consortium of Jingshi City was no more.

Jacob sold everything worth selling and donated the money to the poor mountainous villages, leaving not even a cent.

The shareholders uttered endless complaints and hated Jacob for what he did. But they could do nothing either. The only silver lining they could take from this was that Jacob was on the same boat as them.

Jacob had nothing now. He was no longer the CEO of the Gu Consortium. And he no longer had the powerful Gu family to back him.

He was no better than those shareholders. He was just as broke as they were!

Why would they respect him? Let alone fear him!

It was time to take revenge!

And suddenly, Jacob became the city's most wanted man. Hundreds of people put out a hit on him, but nobody succeeded. Jacob came out of it unscathed.

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