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   Chapter 614 An Endless Cursed Loop

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Emily opened the small windows of the basement to let the sunshine in.

She was shocked when she saw Myron's face was beaten black and blue, and her eyes widened at the sight, "Myron, are you hurt? Are you all right? Who did this to you?"

She realized that it wasn't necessary for her to ask the last question.

Except for Jacob, who else could have beaten him into such a state?

Only Jacob hadn't admitted to beating Myron up. In fact he had said nothing of it to her.

"It was Jacob." Myron felt aggrieved, "I might have done some bad things, but I didn't mean to do them... Miss Beauty, I would never have thought to hurt you. You're my fairy-sister after all."

"I know and I believe you." Emily looked at the injuries on his body in concern. It was obvious that Jacob hadn't allowed him to have any medical treatment, "You tell me everything, okay?"

Realizing that she wasn't angry at him, he suddenly became excited, and told her everything from the beginning to the end. He left out no details, as he recounted what happened with child-like innocence. Finishing, he pointed at Agnes who was curled up in a corner and said angrily, "It's all her fault!"

The truth was as she would have guessed it, so she comforted him, "Don't be afraid. You just stay here and wait for me. Don't fight with her. I shall figure out a way to get you out of here."

Looking at her trustingly with his large puppy eyes, he calmed down at once. He nodded vigorously and said, "Miss Beauty, I shall wait for you! You can help me to tell Jacob that I'm not angry that he beat me up, because I have also done bad things. Miss Beauty, I'm really sorry."

"That's all right." she treated him as a child and explained patiently, "I don't blame you. But after you get out of here, I will have someone teach you whose words should be believed and whose words shouldn't be believed."

During the time she had spent in the village, she had missed her own child very much. There, when she saw the simpleton Myron, she had thought of her own ingenuous Beryl.

She had even become affectionate to this boy because of it.

He was always an ignorant child in her eyes. More a baby brother than her 'husband'.

Recently, she had taken him into the mansion, with the intention to take responsibility for him.

After having confirmed the truth of the matter, Emily left the dark and damp basement. She intended to rush to Jacob and ask him to release Myron as soon as possible.

But when s

t out, right now! I don't want to hear you say another word!"

There was nothing that she could say that he wanted to hear!

She remained silent, and after a few seconds, turned and stiffly left the room. Her steps were heavy as she walked down the passage outside.

As she closed the study door behind her, she heard the sound of chaos break loose inside. There was the shattering sounds of various articles being smashed to pieces.

The sounds mirrored her own heart at this moment. It too was a battle zone overcome with chaos and panic.

She knew there was something wrong with Jacob, but she was still frustrated.

Could they hang on until the day that they could exchange their secrets? Why did she feel as if it was too hard?

It was as if there was a barrier between them which prevented them from ever being reconciled and approaching each other. She felt as if they would never really know each other again, nor embrace each other to break down that barrier.

The greatest distance between two hearts was misunderstanding. And every time they drew close, something happened to increase that distance again.

It seemed to be an endless cursed loop.

No one could solve it. Was there even any hope?

In the study, after Jacob had smashed everything to pieces, he finally calmed down. His normal peaceful and indifferent state resumed.

He remembered then that Emily's ankle had been cut by a shard of glass just now, so he quickly called a maid to go check on her and apply medicine.

He desired to check on her injury himself, but after a moment's consideration decided against it. Surely she would not want to see him now.

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